Entertainment Update: Paon de Nuit, K-Bubujingxin, Stay with Me



This past week, Guli Nazha has been everywhere~ She is starring on Classics of Mountains and Seas with Zhang Han, acting as supporting character on Chinese Hero with YoonA and is doing a cameo on Go! Goal! Fighting! with Hu Ge. Three chances to catch her every week πŸ˜›

Otherwise, I am loving Go Goal Fighting! The story is funny. Not the best love line, but it is very interesting and fun to watch πŸ˜› Also, excellent chemistry among the cast with a variety of personalities. Love line is moving super slowly QAQ but Hu Ge looks good πŸ™‚

Back to entertainment update:

OMG, so excited for Paon de nuit featuring Liu Yifei and Liu Ye!! ><

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Stills for Stay with Me for Chen Qiao En

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Promotion pictures for Star Academy

Yang Yang and Deng ChaoΒ has been casted in a new movieΒ together, δ»Žδ½ ηš„ε…¨δΈ–η•Œθ·―θΏ‡ (aka Trespassing from Your World)

Zhu Xian with the main cast: Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying, and Yang Zi

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OST of Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu

More pictures for Bubujingxin: Li


Picture of Lee Jong Suk for Jade Lover


Bounty Hunter with Wallace Chung, Tang Yan, and Lee Minho


Some pictures of Yoona for Chinese Hero… is anyone watching the drama?

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One of my favorite kpop girls, Krystal, got herself in a dating scandal ><~ At first, I was super happy since Kai is one of the nicest guy in EXO (in my opinion). But with all the exo-l fans starting to hate on her, I wish she takes care of herself >< Still, congratulation!



18 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Paon de Nuit, K-Bubujingxin, Stay with Me

  1. OMG My baby Yang Yang is getting more and more cool movie-projects. Cast with Deng Chao must be totally decent.

    I wish Krystal’s dating new would never been revealed, or at least she date actor. She gets tons of shit recently and I don’t know when is it going to stop


    • Jess says:

      I dont get it, so she’s getting a ton of hate just cause she’s dating a guy from a boy band? I dont follow Kpop but why would she be getting hate?


      • unfortunately this boy, Kai, is from EXO, a kpop group that has a lot of crazy & obsessive fans. Essentially, the fans feel their “chance” to get their idols to give them a passing glance (& “very potentially” fall in love with them) is threatened because of Krystal. They feel that Krystal is seducing their “oppa” without their permission. Yea…it’s pretty ridiculous. @_______@

        Liked by 1 person

      • intellectualkitten says:

        Pretty much what CapriquariusMei said, the fans are disappointed Kai loves Krystal when they only love him @_@ When I see this kind of news, I can only hope Lay and Victoria get out of the kpop world 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      • Jess says:

        Thanks guys for the clarification. Wow, that sounds…ridiculous! Being a pop star in Korea isn’t easy lol


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Agree! It will definitely be something different from his usual idol projects πŸ˜€ And Deng Chao is getting so much name value this year.

      At first, I was happy it was in the open, since many fans (myself included) expected them to be together. But with all the crazy and illogic hate she is getting (ex. “I was okay with her having a ice princess attitude, but now that I know she is dating too, I can’t support her anymore” or “She is dating? Is she trying to copy Sulli by bringing her group down?” <) I love my girl so much but the hate is so heartbroken…


      • I don’t support the idea of “otp gets real” because fans who expected them dating are pure shippers who don’t imagine how hard it can be for couple going through all this hatred. When I see people start to speculate every possible bs to abase Sujoong and how every minute some pathetic fans leave rude comments on her intsagram I feel pain. That’s way I would be glade if they keep their relationship in secret.


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Yep, I hate that too. But what I hate even more is that Kpop idols are not allowed to date openly and having the support of their fans 😦


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Really? It seems to have decent ratings on Vlinkage so I thought I could pick it up this summer 😦 This is disappointing… I suggest GGF πŸ˜› Hu Ge is so cocky in this, it is nice to watch ^^


  2. Morning Soul says:

    chinese hero is good. i like it. yoona is pretty. i cant tell when the other twins, ma yu ruo supposed to show up.


  3. Dunno. When I was scrolling through this, I just realized how much I envied Zhao Liying, since she had acted with so many famous actors that I like.

    I’m planning to watch Chinese Hero. Is it any good?

    Oh, and I’m following Krystal and Kai from these korean sites. What I don’t get is the reason why these “EXO-Ls” are getting angry. They’re getting angry that Kai is visting Krystal when his leg was injured and that Kai is getting them worried for his injuries that he caused? I just feel sorry for them to get the hate that they don’t deserve.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      The girl has been in 4-5 productions this year, I am not surprised if she ended up working with every single one of our favourite actors πŸ˜›

      I know? I feel so bad for both of them. But by looking at their respective recent activities, I don’t think the hate is affecting them emotionally, which is definitely a good thing. They are saying he should be blamed for injuring himself despite having a concert soon. sigh, how can you blame someone for harming themselves? The worse thing is they are very supportive of Krystal and Kai individually, but as soon as they hear the two are dating, they find reasons to hate. 😦


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