Entertainment Update: Sweet Sixteen, My Sassy Girl 2


Ship ship ship!

Really quick entertainment update! Not much happened with the news and stills. However, there are a lot of enjoyable dramas been released. Which one are you watching?

Jiangsu’s new variety show with Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng: 非凡搭档 will start airing on April 8th


More pictures of Kris Wu for Sweet Sixteen

Yang Yang for the video game version of Just a Smile is Alluring

Rookie Agent Rouge will be released in June 2016 on Dongfang TV. Hope it is true!


Some more stills for To Be a Better Man with Lay and Sun Honglei

Zhou Xun and Wallace Huo filming for Min Yue Ji Shi You 明月几时有


My New Sassy Girl will be released on April 22 in China and early May in Korea

Call me a shipper! Gifs of Song Jihyo with Chen Bolin

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Tina Tang (Tang Yixin) and Zhang Ruoyun are dating!



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