Entertainment Update: Color of Night, First Love, My New Sassy Girl


Still one exam to go >< I feel like  I bombed everything so far, finals are no fun people!… I just hope this term will be over quickly and I can pick up better studying habits.

Wallace Chung has been casted in a new drama Yi Lu Fan Hua Xiang Song, where he will be portraying a successful and rich man in academia. One day, a special encounter makes him remember his past.


In addition, there will be a Chinese version of Coffee House. It will star Yang Le and Xu Lu


More pictures for Demon Girl. Seriously, the pictures are beautiful. I wish I have a friend who can take such nice pictures 😛

Color of Night starring Elvis Han and Sun Yi releases a batch of stills ^^ Looking good


Zheng Shuang and Lee Jong Suk for Jade Lover. These two are such cutie pie ❤

New trailer and OST for MBA Partner! I love Yao Chen‘s acting in this trailer. The movie has been marketing itself as the female version of American Dream…. so I hope the story is as solid as the one starring Huang Xiaoming.

More pictures of Sweet Sixteen with Kris Wu

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Pictures of Chen Qiao En for Stay with Me

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Zhao Liying wraps up the filming of Zhu Xian! Another good news, we will soon be able to catch the girl on DongFang TV with Rookie Agent Rouge


A trailer for Old Nine Gates starring William Chan

Hawick Lau is also making a comeback! His drama road to North co-starring Zhang Li will be released on April 21st and First Love will soon be released ><


Pictures for First Love

New movie Three starring Zhao Wei, Louis Koo and Wallace Chung releases some posters

Same goes to Yes! Mr. Fashion starring Chen Xuedong and Ouyang Nana and produced by Guo Jingming

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My New Sassy Girl released the Korean trailer… in which they made the character portrayed by Jun Jihyun a monk….? This is such a bad idea, on so many levels. But the trailer looks awesome and Victoria gets to do some Kung Fu!

Also, Victoria released a new OST for the movie, called I believe. The song is really nice 🙂

On the same topic, Lay from EXO will get a full solo album in China. I am proud of the boy 😦 Hope he isn’t too bashed in Korea

Bounty Hunter starring Wallace Chung, Lee Minho, and Tang Yan released a trailer! 🙂 All these facial expressions by WC cracks me up. Definitely the best movie trailer I have seen in a long time

Trailer for Run Brother 4, set to be released on April 15th!

Red Carpet

G.E.M. for 4th VChart Award. Recently, Hua Chenyu has spoken in public to declare they are just good friends and not dating. Netizens are doubting his words, but let it be…6de39d21jw1f2smqgdvesj20it0q343v 6de39d21jw1f2smqh6p2bj20hx0q4aeo

Victoria looking fine~~


Love is everywhere!~~

Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi held a baby shower. Here is an adorable picture of the family. Wish them all the best


Cute pictures of Wang Kai and Jiang Xin. Hehe, Chen Qiao En must feel jealous 😛

Yuang Hong and Zhang Xinyi are preparing for their wedding! Yuan Hong used to be my first crush in C-drama (if we don’t count my idolization of Jimmy Lin). The wedding is suppose to be in May in Germany 🙂


Victoria spotted on a date with Yang Yang. < What weibo makes you think. I saw the pictures and it is more like Victoria is spotted with her manager and Yang Yang is spotted with their manager… 😛

Zhao Liying‘s boyfriend came on the set of Zhu Xian. I still think Zhao Liying is too pretty for him 😛 Here are some pictures


4 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Color of Night, First Love, My New Sassy Girl

  1. I’m dreaming to see Zhu Xian’s trailer soon, and yes I’m definitely ready for Agent Rouge.

    My New Sassy girl is kind of messy, all I see is Victoria hitting Cha Taehyun and random dudes lol but however I think it will be more fun than first movie.

    I would be so happy if YY and Vic been together.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      And all these outfits! I don’t think it can be better than first segment, but I am sure the movie is good.
      Me too, they look adorable together 😛


  2. Jo says:

    GOOD LUCK ON YOUR EXAM!! I am ready for all these movies/dramas. Demon Girl-can’t and CQE has one of the best crying faces. Ive been waiting for Nine Gate for what seems like a century and everything with Wallace C looks Amazing. GEM looks amazing and 💕💕 my Princess OTP feelzz


    • intellectualkitten says:

      THANK YOU! Really appreciate any positive thoughts coming my way 8D CQE looks so good in wedding dress ❤
      I feel like Wallace Chung is slaying in all his new projects, definitely excited for this comeback.

      Liked by 1 person

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