[Rumor] Victoria and Yang Yang are a Couple


Spotted! When you are this beautiful, you don’t go unnoticed 🙂

Really quick article :)) I will simply repost the pictures in this article and let you decide if they are really a couple or not.

As many of you knows, Victoria and Yang Yang are part of the same company, share the same manager, and have filmed a drama together. There have been rumours of the two dating during summer 2015, which causes a lot of bash on Victoria. Neither side confirmed the dating news and eventually, the rumours stopped.

Yang Yang is one of the hottest c-actor right now and Victoria has been very active in the Chinese entertainment for the last two years, with many high profile projects coming out soon.

Recently, pictures of Victoria supposedly on a date with Yang Yang got released. What do you think? According to the media, the two have been living together for more than half a month:

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I seriously doubt the authenticity of these pictures :”D But who knows right? Here is a nice gallery I compiled of these two people 🙂 They are so gorgeous and I hope they date ^^



9 thoughts on “[Rumor] Victoria and Yang Yang are a Couple

    • intellectualkitten says:

      Me too… but I feel like a lot of couples that were announced earlier this year are starting to declare they are still single. So I will let the rumours be for now, even though it would be adorable if they truly date 🙂


  1. theskybluedreamer says:

    If they are a couple, wouldn’t it be best if they acted in a drama together as a couple with sizzling chemistry and great story line with awesome cast, like the Kdrama Creating Destiny. I always thought that’s the way for many celeb couples to be “accepted”, win over by fans, warm the hearts of many viewers and fans. Either that or a dating reality show, like the one Sunny Wang was part of. And make more ppl ship them when they see how great the interact with each other in real life 🙂


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Agree.. but Yang Yang has so many hardcore fans that I am not sure that would be enough for his fans to accept the relationship.


  2. EG says:

    Whether it’s real or not, I don’t think they will admit…
    Their careers just barely started and his fans are nuts
    When I look at their pictures for their drama, he looked so happy and close with her unlike his other costars..
    Even if they don’t date, I think they are quite close as well.
    But I hope Vic can find a mature and ready to settle down man though… He is still such a kid 😛


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Agree, they are probably going to do like FSF and LY; wait a little bit till there is less buzz and then declare publicly they are not in a relationship. I think Yang Yang and Victoria are adorable and she is at an age where she can date publicly 😛


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