Entertainment Update: Bounty Hunter, So I Married My Hater, and More


New entertainment update with some really nice up and coming projects! I really want to do a recap for Go Fighting (lol, it is slowly replacing Run Brother in my heart, despite that both are currently airing), some first impression for Ode of Joy, and more! It should all happen next week 🙂

Bounty Hunter will be released on June 9th! The trailer is definitely kicking ass and I really hope it can be screened in North America ^^. As a side note, there are rumours circulating online that Tang Yan and Luo Jin are living together. If that is true, they should definitely not hide it! 6de39d21jw1f3432a8yeoj20rs0ipjxc  6de39d21jw1f3432b7ul0j20rs0ipjy76de39d21jw1f3432bu0y7j20rs0ip7ae6de39d21jw1f3432ap3u9j20rs0ipag36de39d21jw1f3432c9jxxj20rs0ipq9e6de39d21jw1f3432clmdej20rs0iptcw6de39d21jw1f3432cz563j20rs0ip43v6de39d21jw1f3432dctalj20rs0ip78d

New posters for So I married my Hater

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A new movie called Goddess Era will be released on April 22. Despite not having any of our favourite actors and actresses… the main lead are gorgeous! The project is produced by Mango. “In love, you should be brave! Did you find your goddess yet?” < Sadly, they used too much photoshop in these promotion pictures. Everyone looks so white and plastic :”D

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More pictures for First Love starring Hawick Lau and Guli Nazha

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Beautiful pictures of Victoria for My New Sassy Girl. The girl didn’t give a direct answer about her relationship with Yang Yang.

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Ready for the great comeback of variety shows? Yes!! Go Fighting 2 and Run Brother 4 are finally back! As a bonus, Ma Tianyu will appear on Happy Camp next month while Song Jongki has been confirmed as a guest star on Run Brother. Yikes! Don’t have an overdose of pretty boys 😀 Also, another popular guest on Happy Camp, Zhang Jie, is making a return~

Throwback of It Started with a Kiss with Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng, all thanks to 24K!

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Did this episode of Go Fighting happen yet? I really want to watch it!! Soon, very soon…

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Say hello to Hu Ge ^^



8 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Bounty Hunter, So I Married My Hater, and More

  1. lol Go Fighting has captured my heart since the first season….and definitely one of the reasons why I slowly deviate from Run Brother…^^” I guess it’s because the chemistry seem more natural plus I really like the fact the entire cast is back for the second season (despite of scandals and what not). ^^


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I know right? Now, I watch Run Brother because I love the (pretty pretty) cast but I watch Go Fighting because it cracks me up and is entertaining me so much more!~


  2. Lil says:

    I love how Tang Yan and Luo Jin are supporting each other behind the scenes through using other to further each other careers. There’s been whisper on Weibo that they brought a house and been living together for a while. Now that there’s photos.There’s still constant denying from both side.

    Why don’t they just say “no comment?” Now that it’s obviously they have been together all this time, it makes them as “liars”. LuoJin even released a statement through his lawyers (last year?) that he would sue who ever continue that rumors that he and her are engage and living together. What’s so bad about admitting the truth?

    Because now, I just find them irritating. So disappointing with “Diamond Lover.” LuoJin was definitely the lead there. Yet, Rain was used for all promotion/press (his character & Tang Yan were so annoying). Luo Jin was all perfect.

    Princess Wei Young is produce by Tang Yan’s company, of course the “boyfriends” got to support and take the lead. LuoJin need to stop working with her to prove that he can get good leading roles w/out the girlfriend’s help (obviously he’s a good actor while she’s horrible).

    I need a break from these two drama OTP. I don’t think I’ve seen 2 OTP work together this much.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Agree! With Yang Mi, Angelababy and Liu Shishi all married, and Fan Bingbing and Ni Ni openly dating, I don’t think they have any reasons to hide their relationship. It wouldn’t shock anyone at all. And why would LJ sue people who spray rumours? lol, I am sure everyone is talking about it, he can’t sue every single one of them…
      I also think they need new pairing to create new chemistry on screen. However, they are definitely adorable as a couple (based on rumours) ^^


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