[Highlights] Run Brother 4 Episode 1: Wuxia Special


Some highlights of the episode! 🙂 Liked it very much, definitely a strong beginning of season 🙂 I love the second game the most

I love the entrance of this episode. Everyone came as legendary wuxia characters with silly ways to introduce themselves. Deng Chao as Chan Chao, Chen He as Prettiest Man Alive Li Xiao Dao, Luhan and Angelababy as the epic couple from Return of Condor Heroes, Wang Zulan as Mei Changsu, Zheng Kai as Dong Fang Bu Bai, and Li Chen as the white old man (I forgot his name sorry ><). Chen He’s entrance was hilarious but I wasn’t able to find a gif for it ><

005IMuZvgw1f2xhs6pl2qj31jk10zn0r 005IMuZvgw1f2xhs3fa9bj31jk10zthi

Special comment, but Luhan is so damn pretty


First game wasn’t super fun so I will skip it. :”P

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For the second game, everyone had to put their hand in mystery boxes and get as many running balls as possible in the shortest time period. It is a game of courage since no one really knows what is in the boxes. In total, 10 mystery boxes with 2 balls each. I seriously believe women tend to be fearless compare to men. In this segment, Angelababy was able to get 18 balls (the maximum), while Deng Chao and Luhan got 0 and 1 respectively. Here are some cute gifs of the dudes “struggling”:

Li Chen with a bunch of tofu 😛


Deng Chao not been able to touch anything 😛


Deng Chao and Luhan reblogging each other’s epic moments 😛 The tag #邓超鹿晗父子压压惊# trended a lot when the episode came out, which basically means “Deng Chao and Luhan: dad and son-like nerves”


Last part of the episode is a nametag game. And as a bonus, we have the guest appearance of Blackie! He appeared in season 1 and was awesome. I am glad he came back 🙂 I skipped a little this segment :”D


New week’s guest are Jia Nan, Janine Chang, Lin Yun, Sandra Ma, and Sui He

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