Photoshoot Special: Liu Yifei, Luhan, and more :)


We haven’t done one of these for a long time!

Wang Luodan

005yYQOnjw1f26z8d5bt9j30yv18gh1a 005yYQOnjw1f26z8dzwk2j30yv18g15i

Hu Ge

005yYQOnjw1f33hboee5zj318g0sb17x 005yYQOnjw1f33hbkz2qxj30yx18g7kz

Liu Wen

005yYQOngw1f2h6d88ugqj31kw0ymgrz 005yYQOngw1f2h6dcrfxbj31kw10345n

William Chan

005yYQOngw1f2vf9bkpv9j31kw10cwoi 005yYQOngw1f2vf93yxw3j31kw20owr7



Song Jongki

005yYQOngw1f324v2auxij30hy0nb3zp 005yYQOngw1f324up865cj30nm0fcadj

Liu Yifei

476be76fgw1f2h8nmf53wj20yj194alj 476be76fgw1f2h8ndww77j20yg194dv8682d88e1gw1f2hhbp7cwsj20qo0qowi5682d88e1gw1f2hhbqrnztj20qo0qogpn682d88e1gw1f2hhbsd8lbj20qo0qojuq682d88e1gw1f2hhbxqx11j20qo0qon1i



005yYQOngw1f33id20guzj31kw23uu0h 005yYQOngw1f33icrzz4vj31kw11xq9f 005yYQOngw1f33icorlrqj31kw11xnb8 005yYQOngw1f33ic5f29nj31kw11xh0c

Ouyang Nana and her gorgeous sisters

005yYQOngw1f30qbud4udj30ha0m8whp005yYQOngw1f30qbs6f5kj30m80ea0v2005yYQOngw1f30qbpzhahj30ha0m8gox 005yYQOngw1f30qbr8qtzj30m80gq41o 005yYQOngw1f30qbrufunj30ha0m8gof


4 thoughts on “Photoshoot Special: Liu Yifei, Luhan, and more :)

  1. Little Fish says:

    Wang Luodan is so similar to Korean actress Bae Doona



    • intellectualkitten says:

      OMG, I didn’t think there is anyone who looks like Wang Luodan as much as Bai Baihe, but you are right. They both have that chic and very Asian facial expression.


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