Run Brother 4 and Go Fighting are Back!~

Hey people! As promised, I am writing an article about these variety show 😛 Here are the links… please watch it with me ^^

Run Brother is more well known among the public and a lot of family is watching it together in China. It is the most popular reality show with 76% of the audience been girls 🙂 On the other hand, Go Fighting! has better reviews among people who watch both. Here is an online poll if you are interested 🙂

Run Brother 4 is starting again with the same cast as season 3: Deng Chao, Angelababy, Li Chen, Luhan, Zheng Kai, Chen He, and Wang Zulan. The episode already have 1.7 million views on Youtube. Crazy stuffs ><

Also, the channel released the trailer for the second episode. The guests include Lin Yun, Janine Chang, Jia Nan, and more

Anyway, I am mostly excited for these guests! *.*

Kitty Zhang (interaction with Deng Chao? :D) and Song Jongki


Korean Running Man!!


Go Fighting also released the first episode on April 17th with the same cast as the first season: Huang Lei, Huang Bo, Sun Honglei, Show Luo, Lay, and Wang Xuan. The episode has 0.5 Million views on Youtube right now!!

I wasn’t able to find the trailer for the second episode but I dig a little (omg so many promotion stuffs on youtube) and here is a trailer for the show as well as the MV ❤ Love them so much

MV “Men’s Affair”


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