Entertainment Update: Les Interpretes, Advisor Alliance, Memory Lost


Yes, how did you guess? I am on vacation!!~

Les Interpretes releases more promotion pictures. Sadly, there isn’t a release date yet:

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Yu Zheng announces the cast of Memory Lost: Yang Rong and Bai Yu. The drama is an adaptation of the third book by Ding Mo, after Love Me if You Dare and When A Snail Loves. It will be a thriller drama. The two main lead will go through many cases and occurrences which will slowly reveal their forgotten past five years.

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Advisor Alliance with Liu Yao, Wu Xiubo, Li Chen and Janine Chang releases some stills. I thought the drama will be set in modern world, but looks like it will stick to the Three Kingdom world! The drama focus on the life of Sima Yi.

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The movie Yesterday Once More will come out today!

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Sadly 😦 Sweet Sixteen with Kris Wu, Han Geng, Xu Lu, and Joo Woo has been  postponed to… August 5th, 2016… that is such a last minute call 😦


Zhu Xian ends filming! Zhao Liying finished a week early and hence, was not at this small press conference:

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The second episode of Run Brother 4 is out today! I will not write an article for it, but here are some pictures 🙂 and the link:

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A sweet picture of Fan Bingbing with YoonA!!



3 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Les Interpretes, Advisor Alliance, Memory Lost

  1. Pong says:

    The stills of Advisor Alliance looks cool~ can’t wait for the trailer! I thought Les Interpretes was supposed to release this month


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