[Announcement] We are Moving! :(

Hey lovely people! >< We don’t have any storage left on the blog (I was writing my Ode of Joy review the other night night and I couldn’t upload my gifs and pictures snif). The blog is no longer doing Wordads and premium account is expensive. We decided to create a second wordpress page and we will post all the new articles on it. If you have any suggestions, please comment below ^^!!~ Here is the new link (already three articles up!!):


First thing first, Archidisign is back!

Yop, after a hiatus of one month and after shielding tons of sweat/tear/bloods, I am done with my semester! Now, I am ready to blog a lot in the next few months! This means that now, both me and Ikitten are free from school works and ready to write at our crazy blogging speed 8D

The Website change: Chinese Entertainment Devotee:

Haha, this is funny. We didn’t calculate the picture data wordpress allocated to us and we run out of memory. OUPS. So yeah, if you are writing a blog or thinking of doing so, don’t be silly like us ._.

And how can we keep writing if we can’t share pictures? So, we decided to create a new site and luckily cEntDevotee as a name is not taken! Of course, call us whatever you like, we are not picky 😉 Follow our new blog or drop by from time to time! We still have lots to write about.

Some more details on why we stopped Wordads:

First, I felt guilty for spamming you guys with ugly and ridiculous pictures from Wordads, just because we needed the money. Miraculous banana that prevent one from aging? Plastic surgery for everlasting beauty? I didn’t think it suits our audience at all. But it was money and during the first two months, I really thought we can keep going with it to maintain the blog. But starting with the third month, they gave us a lot of payless ads and the amount we received was ridiculous. After talking with Archidisign, we thought it was a lost cause and decided to stop collaborating with Wordads.



10 thoughts on “[Announcement] We are Moving! :(

  1. wait, so you can’t delete the photos/gifs/videos in your storage? I think it’s sad that you have to transfer to another blog just because of this *sighs* but welcome back, Archidesign!! yaaay can’t wait to have so many things to backread if you guys will go back with your crazy blogging speed haha!


      • omg, if what you are saying is true, that will be even more sad for us (for doing all this for nothing … :’D )
        On the other hand, going to our really old posts to delete everything sounds very unproductive and we already made the move to change to the new blog so can’t do much now :’D Oh well..
        And thanks for the welcome back 😉

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  2. coffeenlucia says:

    Just wondering, but if you don’t have Premium how did you make your url a “.com” instead of a “.wordpress.com”?

    If possible, I’d like to change my url to a “.com” as well.


  3. What I’d suggest is to use another website (image storage sites) to store future pictures and gifs and link them on your blog, instead of uploading your stuff directly on WordPress. I’d sometimes use Imgur to upload my gifs/pics to save WordPress storage space.

    Welcome back, Archidisign! Glad you’re done with your semester! I’m almost done myself, but I’ll have a lot to catch up since I’ve been out of loop when it comes to the C-ent for the past few months.


    • Haha, now I feel like we moved too fast and should had asked the readers like you ideas before making the move. Well, it is too late now and I feel like it is working well in general so not too much regrets 😛 Thanks for the recommendations!! Using imgur is actually a really smart idea and something I didn’t even consider before :O
      Thanks and good luck with your finals! I am still waiting anxiously for the grades to come out. Haha, I was not too out of loop because I still went on a few blogs to read while I was studying (gosh my procrastination habits).


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