[First Impressions+Storyline Recap] Ode to Joy Ep. 1-17


Hehe, I finally found the time to finish this article! >< And I have finally been able to keep myself up to date with this drama, fiof! It is currently competing head to head with Chinese Hero starring Yoona and Lin Gengxin. On the same floor lives five girls with completely different personalities, which one do you prefer?

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[List] Release Dates for Movies and Dramas in April 2016


April is just around the corner and a long list of awesome projects is waiting for you guys to watch!! >< But don’t forget that finals season is starting soon!!

EDIT: Seems like some dramas on this list are not scheduled as said on the article I read. Sorry about that ><

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[New Drama] Tribe Empires + Novoland The Castle in the Sky


Since both dramas are focused on Novoland (Tribe Empires and The Castle in the Sky), I will put them together in one post. Honestly, I am way more excited for Tribe Empires because the trailer slayed me!! Continue reading

[Part 2] Revive with Ma Ke and Viann Zhang Gets Airing Date


Do we have any fan of Ma Ke on the blog? Well, good news for you guys! The handsome and beautiful man of our heart will soon reappear on the small screen. The drama Revive starring Ma Ke, Viann Zhang and Xu Haiqiao will start airing on March 24th!

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[Drama] God of War Zhao Yun Gets a Release Date!

Hello World! Popping in to release this article :)) This week has been extremely tiring but I also very gratifying. Something really good happened in my life and I am now all hyped up 🙂 The problem is I still have a midterm tomorrow QAQ… Anyway, some good news for all of you who are fans of Yoona and Lin Gengxin! The set release date right now is April 3rd, 2016!

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[New Drama] Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang with Angelababy and Wallace Chung


If hubby will film a big budget project, so will wifey! This new drama is also going to be a high budget, highly mediatised project that will start some of the hottest actors of the hour. Starring Angelababy and Wallace Chung, this drama adapted from the novel of the same name is called Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang or A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated. Continue reading

[Recap] Cuo Dian Yuan Yang OTP scenes Ep.4


Since there are a lot more of our couple’s scenes in this episode, this post will only recap episode 4. Get your dose of sweet for the day! ❤ A part of me is really happy to immortilize these moments in recaps and another part of me feels like whatever I do, nothing can beat the mood the drama is giving out to the viewer (the lighting, the backsound sounds, etc all make this drama so much more enjoyable). So, if you have the time, go watch it 😉 Continue reading