[List] Release Dates for Movies and Dramas in April 2016


April is just around the corner and a long list of awesome projects is waiting for you guys to watch!! >< But don’t forget that finals season is starting soon!!

EDIT: Seems like some dramas on this list are not scheduled as said on the article I read. Sorry about that ><

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[Movie] Rise of a Tomboy with Zhao Liying and Zhang Han


Short post because I feel like it! ^^ Production team The Rise of a Tomboy starring Zhao Liying and Zhang Han released new character stills and stills. I was so excited because we didn’t see any news about this movie since last summer. Gosh, time pass way too fast. There isn’t a release date, but I hope it will be out soon.

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[Movie] Run for Love with Zhang Ziyi, Eddie Peng, and Michelle Chen


This movie deserves it’s own article!! Too many sweetheart in one place and all the posters are so perfect! Be ready to eat chocolates on Valentine’s Day folks, because the celebration of love will be bittersweet ^^

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[Movie] Sweet Sixteen with Kris Wu and Han Geng

We have Sweet Sixteen, a movie in preparation since last summer and only recently started their promotion. With a cast lead by Han Geng and Kris Wu, it aims for a release on 29th, April 2016. The main focus of the movie is Xia Mu, played by Kris Wu, a dramatized young man with an unhealthy obsession with his crush and motherly figure, played by Lu Shan.

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Airing Dates for February

Are you super lost because it is a downpour of drama/movie/variety show stills since the beginning of the year? Did you feel like nothing good was airing on TV during the past month? Well, worry not because C-entertainment is super busy these days for the month of February aka releasing month! Continue reading