[Announcement] We are Moving! :(

Hey lovely people! >< We don’t have any storage left on the blog (I was writing my Ode of Joy review the other night night and I couldn’t upload my gifs and pictures snif). The blog is no longer doing Wordads and premium account is expensive. We decided to create a second wordpress page and we will post all the new articles on it. If you have any suggestions, please comment below ^^!!~ Here is the new link (already three articles up!!):


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The Golden Child Quatuor + Dating Update


Four is a great number, no? Well, let’s talk about the four rising stars of C-entertainment: Wu Lei, Ouyang Nana, Liu Haoran and Jiang Yi Yi. I really wanted to write a post dedicated to these talented future super actors (and share all the pictures I had collected for a while)!

[Update] I scheduled this article for January 21st and tada! There is a dating news about one of them that came out two days ago. Wow.. Luck? I hence changed the article really fast! Anyway, read the article and guess who I am talking about.. Continue reading

We Are in Love Season 2 Announces Cast


Is this a joke? On SkimmedMilkDRAMA, Dramarian and I were discussing about the possible and exciting new coupling for We Are In Love Season 2《相爱吧2》(check out all the possible bachelors on this say post). As they are premiering in February 14th, JiangSu TV need to find the new couples fast AND start filming! Today, news outlet announced the new three couples and I want to slap them and wake them up from this nonsense. By the way, since there weren’t any BTS released, maybe the couples can still change? (leave my delusional hope alone, ok…). Continue reading