[Highlights] Run Brother 4 Episode 1: Wuxia Special


Some highlights of the episode! 🙂 Liked it very much, definitely a strong beginning of season 🙂 I love the second game the most

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Run Brother 4 and Go Fighting are Back!~

Hey people! As promised, I am writing an article about these variety show 😛 Here are the links… please watch it with me ^^

Run Brother is more well known among the public and a lot of family is watching it together in China. It is the most popular reality show with 76% of the audience been girls 🙂 On the other hand, Go Fighting! has better reviews among people who watch both. Here is an online poll if you are interested 🙂

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Happy Camp with Chinese Hero’s Yoona


Happy one year anniversary Cdramadevotee! 😀 *throw confettis* Sadly, only one of us made it till the end ^^!! *joking joking* We are trully happy the blog is getting older and thank you all for staying with us

I loved this episode for YoonA, she was so adorable! But at the same time, I am soooo mad at the Happy Camp’s producers! Quick post (plus beautiful pictures)! Continue reading

Airing Dates for February

Are you super lost because it is a downpour of drama/movie/variety show stills since the beginning of the year? Did you feel like nothing good was airing on TV during the past month? Well, worry not because C-entertainment is super busy these days for the month of February aka releasing month! Continue reading

We Are in Love Season 2 Announces Cast


Is this a joke? On SkimmedMilkDRAMA, Dramarian and I were discussing about the possible and exciting new coupling for We Are In Love Season 2《相爱吧2》(check out all the possible bachelors on this say post). As they are premiering in February 14th, JiangSu TV need to find the new couples fast AND start filming! Today, news outlet announced the new three couples and I want to slap them and wake them up from this nonsense. By the way, since there weren’t any BTS released, maybe the couples can still change? (leave my delusional hope alone, ok…). Continue reading