Li Yifeng


Li Yifeng is, with Yang Yang and Wu Yifan, the most new popular male artists of 2015! Personally, I love Li Yifeng a lot: he seems goofy, caring, gentleman, and very handsome. He is not your usual handsome star yet he still manages to out stand other celebrities. Li Yifeng’s most popular works are: Ancient Sword, Last Tomb, and Gardenia 2015.

Works and Coworkers

2015 怦然星动 with Yang Mi
2015 老炮儿 with Feng Xiaogang, Kris Wu
2015 栀子花开 with He Jiong, Jiang Jingfu
2015 盗墓笔记 with Yang Yang, Tang Yan
2015 活色生香 with Tang Yan, William Chan
2014 欢天喜地俏冤家
2014 小时代之折纸时代 with Ivy Chen, Peter Ho, Kimi Qiao
2014 古剑奇谭 with Yang Mi, Ma Tianyu, Zheng Shuang, William Chan
2013 千金归来
2012 爱的蜜方 with Lee Dahae
2012 赏金猎人 with Chen Xiao
2012 真爱谎言
2012 幸福三颗星
2011 恋爱恐慌症
2010 幸福最晴天 with Janine Chang, Mike He
2010 幸福一定强 with Ming Dao
2009 加油 网球王子 (Guest)

Li Yifeng:


Coupling with Lee Da Hae


Coupling with Yang Mi

Ancient time pictures:

Modern time pictures:


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