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C-Industry is filled with talented actresses and for a new fan of this very (very very) entertaining world, it is easy to get lost in all those Chinese characters. Here, we posted the name of the most active actresses and their most famous or recent works. Again, this is not a popularity list, since popularity change with each upcoming project, but some of the big names that have been putting out project after project. We are also suggesting the best movies and dramas from those beautiful ladies if any of you need recommendations.

tumblr_inline_n2v8v4yGNK1r5xf9e1. Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing became popular thanks to the wildly diffused show Huan Zhu Ge Ge (1997-1999) where she plays the smart and placid Jin Suo. Despite not reaching the same range of recognition as her costars, she was able to produce hit after hit : Cell Phone, Lost in Beijing, Buddha Mountain, and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Recently, she acted in the most expensive Chinese series of all time: The Empress of China.


2. Yang Mi

Yang Mi is one of the most popular actresses and one of the busiest. She starred in Chinese Paladin 3, Ancient Sword, Return of Condor Heroes 2006, Beijing Love Story, Palace I and Palace II. Her succesful movies include: Wu Dang, The Bullet Vanishes, Tiny Times, and The Break-Up Guru. The ones we should be anticipating the most: Tiny Times 4 and You are My Sunshine.


3. Liu Shishi

Congratz to her; she recently got married to Nicky Wu! Her hit dramas include: Legend of Condor Heroes (2006), BuBujinxin, Chinese Paladin 3, Vigilantes in Mask and Sound of the Desert. She is filming a republic era series right now.


4. Tang Yan

Tang Yan! Since the start of 2015, she has more than 4 dramas! She is a sweetheart in most of her portrayal and I have always loved her acting! As more of a drama actress, her most popular Ancient series are Chinese Paladin 3 and Perfect Couple (both with Wallace Huo) while her modern hits include: My Sunshine, Lady and the Liar, and Xia Jia San Qian Jin.


5. Zhao Liying

If I take the words of Archidisign, she is PERFECT. And indeed, she acted in a lot of hit dramas such as: Boss and Me, Palace 2, Cuo Diao Yuan Yang, and Female Prime Minister. Since her debut in 2010, she has passed from hit to hit. Her upcoming project is: The Journey of Flower and Legend of Zu Mountain.


6. Angelababy

Angelababy just got fiancee with long term boyfriend and A-List actor Huang Xiaoming. She is a main cast on Run Brother, a hit Variety Show. My favorite project of her is Love You You. New projects that are upcoming: Bride Wars and Yun Zhong Ge.


7. Sun Li

Sun Li is the other half of my presently favorite male actor: Deng Chao. They actually starred in a revolution era hit drama together under director Gao Xixi: Happiness as flowers. In 2011, she did the iconic drama The legend of Zhen Huan and has since been one of the most profitable actresses on TV. She has a son with Deng Chao and a little baby girl too.


8. Janine Zhang

Janine Zhang first big project is the Taiwanese drama Black and White. She then starred in more c-drama projects such as Best Time, The Four and The Empress of China. She is a versatile actress. Recently, she is filming Love My Boyfriend Love my Dog and You Light Up my Star.


9. Zhao Wei

Her acting chops in the series Huang Zhu Ge Ge have blowed the whole China away (I am not kidding) and putted her automatically on the A-List. She is considered an excellent actress and is well respected. Her hit projects include: Red Cliff, Mulan and Painted Skin. Her next big project: Tiger Mom.


10. Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi is probably the most recognized Chinese actress on the international platform. Indeed, she starred in Rush Hour 2, The Road Home, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero, house of the Flying Daggers, and Memoirs of a Geisha.


11. Gao Yuanyuan

Gao Yuanyuan played in 2003 in The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber as the hateful and beautiful Zhou Zhiruo. Since then, she starred with big names such as Jackie Chan and Nicholas Tse. Recently, she played in But Always and Let’s Get Married.


12. Liu Yifei

Liu Yifei started as a child actress with Tian Long Ba Bu (2003) while she was 14 yo and moved on to The Return of Condor Heores (2006) and Chinese Paladin I (2005), all three were big hit and shoot her to stardom. Since then, she only makes movie and the most prominent ones are: The Forbidden Kingdom, The Four 3 and For Love or Money, and The Assassins. She is filming right now a movie with Kris Wu.


13. Tong Liya

Tong Liya, nicknamed as Ya Ya, is well known for her country girl incarnation on the show Beijing Love Story and Palace. She is married to Sicheng.


14. Joe Chen Qiao En

Joe Chen played in Fated to Love You, a hit drama in 2008, The Queen of SOP in 2012, Swordsman in 2013 and Cruel Romance in 2015. Her new movie, Queens, was released in April 2015.


15. Li Bingbing

Li Bingbing is probably the second most well known Chinese Actress in Cannes and Hollywood. Gorgeous and talented, she mostly plays in movies and some of her hit includes: A World Without Thieves (my favorite movie!), The Forbidden Kingdom, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Transformers, and Zhong Kui.


16. Zhou Xun

Zhou Xun hit fame with Palace of Desire. Her other hit projects are: Hollywood Hong Kong, Perhaps Love, The Banquet, Condor Heroes (2002) and The Equation of Love and Death. Zhou Xun is considered as one of the Four Dan Actresses.


17. Ruby Lin

Ruby played Ziwei in the phenomena drama Huan Zhu Ge Ge. Her other great projects include: The Duke of Mount Deer, Da Li Princess, Three Kingdom, Drama Go!Go!Go! and Schemes of a Beauty. She is starring presently on We Got Married, Chinese Version.


18. Yang Rong

Signed under Yu Zheng, Yang Rong is again another busy bee who have been producing like crazy in 2014 new dramas. Ofter paired up with Chen Xiao, she played in: Gong 2, Female Prime Minister, Beauty Maker, and The Lady and the Liar. She is also a decent and upbeat singer, having song the OST for Beauty Maker.


19. Zheng Suang

Known for her work on Meteor Shower, she took on a lot more projects in the past two years such as: Ancient Sword, The Four, The Cage of Love and Divas Hits the Roads.


20. Ariel Lin

Ariel Lin is a fan favorite in the Taiwanese drama world, by playing in Love Contract, In Time with You and the cult drama It Started with a Kiss. She entered the Chinese entertainment in 2008 with Legend of Condor Heroes and continued with Lan Lin Wang. She is filming a movie with Chen Xiao: The Mysterious Family.


21. Victoria Song Qian (from Korean group f(x) )

She starred on Noona over Flowers AND Grandpa over Flowers. In collaboration with Hunan TV, she also did some kpop related hosting jobs. Her dramas are Beautiful Secret, Ice Fantasy and When Love Walked In. Tori is working on a movie: My Sassy Girl 2.


22. Ni Ni

Ni Ni shot to fame instantly with The Flowers of War in 2011 by Zhang Yimou. She definitely have presence on camera and you somehow find yourself mesmized by her beauty and aura. Her other good projects are: Fleet of Time and Bridal Wars.


23. Barbie Xu

Barbie Xu played in the cult Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden 1 and 2. She then played in Mars and Summer’s Desire. More recently, Barbie did the movie My Kingdom with Hangeng.


24. Ady An

Ady An is mostly well known for her acting in Autumn Concerto, 2009. She also played in Chinese Paladin I and Tian Di Bu Rong.


25. Bai Baihe

Bai Baihe is officially the most bankable actress in movies of all time! Considering her lack of C-entertainment connection, it is hard to believe right? She definitely chooses good projects and have excellent acting chops!


26. Gong Li

Gong Li is another actress who has a long time collaboration with Zhang Yimou. She played a high class prostitute in Memoirs of a Geisha. Her other hit works include: Raise the Red Lantern, The Story of Qiu Ju, Breaking the Silence and Curse of the Golden Flower.


27. Liu Tao

Liu Tao played the beautiful Ah Zhu in the 2003 version of Tian Long Ba Bu and the mystic Bai Suzhen in the Legend of the White Snake in 2004. Another of her hit work is Dali princess. In production is her series with Hu Ge: Nirvana Fire and Let’s Get Married.


28. Qi Wei

Her most famous work is Schemes of a Beauty and Xia Jia San Qian Jin. Qi is not very active in her career and is enjoy life as a married woman.


29. Xu Jinglei

Xu Jinglei hit it big with the movie Go lala! 2003 and 2004 where her years and she acted in popular movies Spring Subway, Far From Home, My Father and I and I Love You.


30. Chen Hao

Chen Hao gained fame at the early age of 19 by playing the sensual Wan Ren Mi in Pink Ladies. Her later works that gave her great recognitions are: Tiang Long Ba Bu 2003 and Three Kingdom 2010.


31. Amber Kuo

Amber Kuo played in the Tiny Times Saga. In 2015, she is having a lot more projects, such as Crazy New Year’s Eve, Where the Wind Settles, and Paris Holiday.


32. Zhou Dongyu

Zhou Dongyu is another child actress and starred in the hit movie: The Love of the Hawthorn Tree. In the next few years, she has a line up of projects, so all I can do is wish her luck~! Update: she also played in Break-Up Buddies, Youth Class, and Same Desk.


33. Wang Luodan

Wang Luodan is one of my favorite people on TV. She seems so natural and so down to earth. I love her acting in A Story of Lala’s Promotion. Her other good projects include Struggle and Fall in Love with you Again.


34. Zhang Meng

ZM played in highly buzzed and popular projects such as Ancient Sword, Schemes of a Beauty, Tian Long Ba Bu 2013, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, The Four (airing soon!), The Magic Blade, Xia Jia San Qian Jin. Her actings skills are quite good and her looks, very different from the standard C-actresses, bring a breeze of fresh air.


35. Lin Zhiling

Lin Zhiling is another Taiwanese actress who hit it big with Red Cliff. She also starred in The Treasurer Hunt. Her present projects are: Noona Over Flower 2015 and The Monk.


36. Yuan Shanshan

Yuan Shanshan is one of the big names under Yu Zheng and played in a lot if his popular ancient dramas: Gong 2, Swordsman, and City of Angels. She is frequently paired up with Chen Xiao (next big project: Above the Clouds).


37. Viann Zhang

Viann Zhang is a model turned actress who shows great futur. She first captured my attention with her performance on Tian Long Ba Bu 2013 as the only decent actress… Her hit drama would be Empress of China, where she plays the smart Consort Xiao.

Chinese beautiful actress Zhang Xinyi wallpapers 480x800 (12)

38. Zhang Xinyi

Xinyi acted in the popular drama Beijing Love Story. In 2014, she starred in another hit series: New Times Best Friend 新闺蜜时代. I am really happy for her, since she is in a relationship with Yuan Hong, with whom she star in Princess Jieyou.


39. Bea Hayden

Also a star of Tiny Times saga, she recently starred in Line Romance with Lee Min Ho, Let’s Get Married, and Wing in the Family. She is going to star in the movie Where the Wind Settles with Amber Kuo.


40. Wang Likun

Wang Likun is mostly known by her collaboration with Kris Wu in Somewhere Only We Know. However, she is a famous actress in China and has played in Schemes of a Beauty.


41. Ivy Chen

Known as best friend with Janine Zhang, Ivy Chen also hit stardom with Black and White. Work addict, she played in multiple hit series such as Skip Beat!, Modern People, Tiny Times, and Girls. She is also starring right now on Hits the Road and Let’s Get Married. I personally believe she often portray the same character again and again… but I still like her acting :”D.


42. Xie Yilin

Xie Yilin played the fun and chubby Wan Ru in the Tiny Times series. I adore her so much! Yilin has a lot of famous besties, such as Yang Mi. She is like the Big Sister of the C-Buzz

43. Shu Qi


Shu Qi is a HK actresses of Taiwanese origin. Her most famous work has been If You Are the One with Feng Xiaogang. Recently, her projects have been: Gone with the Bullets, The Assassin, and The Ghouls. I find Shu Qi so gorgeous on EVERY red carpet.

44. Yao Chen


Yao Chen is the most popular celebrity on Weibo. She did a lot of charity work during her professional life, which allowed her to gain tremendous popularity. Like Shu Qi, Yao Chen played in If You Are the One  and 2. Other works: Sophie’s Revenge, Undercover, and My Lucky Star.

45. Jiang Xin


Jiang Xin played in Zhen Huan Zhuan as Hua Fei, and participated in highly popular projects such as Tian Long Ba Bu 2003, Hua Qian Gu 2015, and Legend of Mi Yue 2015. Other excellent works: New Times Best Friend and Chinese Paladin. Recently, she divorced Ye Zhuxin.


6 thoughts on “Index: C-Actresses

  1. mzlil says:

    omgosh! i didn’t know Sun Li was married to Deng Chao. I literally took notice and first saw Deng Chao and Sun Li in “Mural.” I immediately fell in love with both of them in the movie although they did not end up together, yet there was still so much chemistry. didn’t realize they were married but i am glad to hear that they are and with a family of their own. XD


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Haha, I actually wrote an article about them here and I do think they are totally adorable and perfect with each other (watched Mural for these two :3)


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