Liu Shishi


I love Liu Shishi a lot since she is among the first ones to introduce me to the beautiful world of Wuxia and C-dramas. It all started when I first saw The Legend of Condor Heroes and got addicted to the show. I later continued with her other works such as Chinese Paladin 3 and Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei, where her acting improved even more. For the last few years, her projects got less popularity (yesh, I am talking about Da Mo Yao), but considering she is starting two news ones this year, I sincerely she does better ^^///~

Congratz to her; she recently got married to Nicky Wu! Her hit dramas include: Legend of Condor Heroes (2006), BuBujinxin, Chinese Paladin 3, Vigilantes in Mask and Sound of the Desert. She is filming a republic era series right now.

Projects and coworkers/partners:

  • 2015黎明决战
  • 2015 那年青春我们正好 with Zheng Kai
  • 2015 飞鱼服绣春刀
    2015 深夜前的五分钟
    2015 女医·明妃传 with Wallace Huo
    2015 星月传奇 with Hu Ge, Eddie Peng
    2015 天使的幸福 with Ming Dao
    2014 对不起爱上你
    2014 步步惊情 with Nicky Wu, Sun Yizhou
    2014 犀利仁师 with Nicky Wu
    2013 回到爱开始的地方 with Vic Zhou
    2013 不二神探 with Wen Zhang, Michelle Chen, Liu Yan
    2013 精忠岳飞 with Huang Xiaoming, Ruby Lin, and Viann Zhang
    2012 伤心童话
    2012 下一个奇迹
    2012 轩辕剑之天之痕 with Hu Ge, Tang Yan, Jiang Jingfu, Guli Nazha
    2011 步步惊心 with Nicky Wu, Lin Gengxin, Yuan Hong, and Ye Zhuxin
    2011 怪侠一枝梅 with Wallace Huo
    2010 白蛇后传
    2009 倚天屠龙记 Special Guest
    2009 天涯织女 with Yuan Hong, Janine Chang
    2009 仙剑奇侠传三 with Hu Ge, Yang Mi, Tang Yan, and Yuan Hong
    2008 射雕英雄传 with Hu Ge, Yuan Hong, and Ariel Lin
    2007 陆小凤传奇之决战前后
    2007 陆小凤传奇之大金鹏王
    2007 聊斋奇女子
    2007 少年杨家将 with Peter Ho
    2006 飞花如蝶
    2004 月影风荷

Private life:

LSS has always been coupled in dramas with either Yuan Hong (to whom she gave her first kiss ><), Hu Ge (Chinese Paladin, Da Mo Yao), and Nicky Wu (with whom she played in Bubujinxin, Bubujingqing, and Incisive Teacher). They also have a dog together ><///…

With Yuan Hong (my first cdrama OTP):

With Hu Ge:

With both of them 8D


With Ex-bff Yang Mi:


With Labelmate Jiang Jingfu:

Other Coupling:

And finally, ofc, with hubby NICKY WU!!


Modern Times:


Roles in Ancient Dramas:


Red Carpet (some more shippings :3):



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