Liu Yifei

This page is a constant achieve of all of Liu Yifei’s gorgeous pictures. It is composed of two galleries: one in modern apparel and a second in Ancient period costumes. Enjoy!

Gallery 1: Modern Time

Photoshoot August 2015:

Gallery 2: Ancient Time

Gallery 2 Side note: Screenshots from past projects

Gallery 3: Liu Yifei with her multiple male leads and onscreen romance

1. Photoshopped with Kris Wu Yifan

2. With Hu Ge, her onscreen OTP for Chinese Paladin 1

3. Other onscreen romances

Some Red Carpet pictures:


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3 thoughts on “Liu Yifei

    • intellectualkitten says:

      Approved 120%!! Liu Yifei is gorgeous and she is my favorite actress too, I hope she get some better ratings or box-office success since she deserves it so much!><


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