Empress of China Gallery

Empress of China is a new drama of Hunan TV which aired from December 2014 to February 2015. Starring Fan Bingbing, Janine Chang, Aarif Lee, Viann Zhang, and Li Chen, this drama with powerful cast got the highest ratings ever for a tv series. Li Chen and FBB grow closer through the filming of this project and are now an item! Sadly, it also got some bad reviews for the romantic portray of Wu Zetian and the lack of intellectual contents. I did not watch the show myself (disrecommended to me by my friends), but I kept saving stills and posters from the show each time they popped out on my newsfeed. Here is an extended gallery of this beautiful drama:


3 thoughts on “Empress of China Gallery

  1. Catrin says:

    I have to say, that the story is really interesting and also the cast are beautiful but there wasn’t any romantic there😭😭 which it’s sad


      • Catrin says:

        Of course there was, but it wasn’t sincere. At the end it was all about power and she turns evil. I guess I’ll watch it again so I can understand it more 😀


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