Entertainment Update: 3H5G, I Am a Singer 4 and Many BTS


Wow, what a crazy week-end: the elections in Taiwan and the end of two of the dramas I was following (Go Princess Go and Reply 1988). The Chinese entertainment world just never sleep so here is another round of update. With the release of a lot of dramas in the next few weeks, there are also a lot of stills released from all projects in the entertainment world (as always).  Continue reading


Entertainment Update: LongShi Photoshoot, Stay With Me, Little Valentine


It is getting cold and I wish I had Nicky Wu to take care of me. Lucky Liu Shishi recently shot a photoshoot with her hubby Mr.Wu. Meanwhile, in the entertainment world, some movie/drama stills were released, some variety shows are announced and some scandals are created.

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Entertainment Update: Yang Rong, Jiang Jinfu Castings, Old Nine Gates, Zhu Xian


Wallace Huo says: “Please read this post…” Hehe, this entertainment update has a lot three casting news and lots and lots of stuff for movies AND dramas! Be ready to roll ^^ Oh and special mention. It took us some time, but we added a new category on the blog called Entertainment Update (instead of always categorizing it in the other sections…) Hope this will help you navigate more easily through the blog! Continue reading

[Drama] Song of Phoenix 思美人 with Ma Ke, Zhang Xinyu, Qiao Zhenyu and TFBoys

Here is our official post about Song of Phoenix (Note: We use the name Best Beauty previously until an official English name was given to the drama now) 思美人With the way we tried to use entertainment updates to update about the casting news for this drama, even us, we are lost…

The best way to keep up with a drama is to write a post dedicated to it! So here is a post that tries to gather all the facts that we put before and that are now released to give you a good understanding on what is going on @_@ Here we go, another post about Ma Ke 😉 Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Zhu Xian, Ice Fantasy, Idol Dramas

704_1782912_574507Happy Thursday everyone! For everyone at school, it is going to be finals season very soon and I hope we are all going to survive the next life or death month! This week, a lot of new stills for movies and dramas!

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Entertainment Update: Rouge, Li Yifeng projects, 15 Years of Waiting

4Before all, let’s first all #PrayForParis. Hope no more attacks will happen and all the culprit will be caught. Most importantly, hope all the survivors will be able to recover fast and well. ❤

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Entertainment Update: Casting News Special


I made a round-up of current casting news as well as that old ones that we never really covered. Some of them are rumors, others are official. All I can say is that, until we see official BTS/stills, anything can happen! On a sidenote,a lot of the stars of these casting news are linked to either Hua Qian Gu or Nirvana in Fire ^^  Continue reading