Airing Dates for February

Are you super lost because it is a downpour of drama/movie/variety show stills since the beginning of the year? Did you feel like nothing good was airing on TV during the past month? Well, worry not because C-entertainment is super busy these days for the month of February aka releasing month! Continue reading


Fan Bingbing and Kris Wu (Wu Yifan) at Press Conference for TV show 挑战者联盟


Seems like Kris Wu and Fan Binbing have an urge to work together? Both freshly casted in the mega Chinese movie production LORD of Guo Jingming, they are now promoting together for their newest project together, a variety show called 挑战者联盟 that you can roughly translate to Challenger League. Poor director Guo Jingming, I am sure he wanted a fresh pairing to work together. 😛 Continue reading