2015 Intellectualkitten’s Picks


So happy to be at this time of the year again, where you look back at everything that happened during the year and feel accomplished. Here is my favorite entertainers and events of 2015! ^^ Unlike Archidisign… mine is a lot shorter 😛 Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Flying Daggers, Elle Red Carpet, The Adventure of Love


A lot of projects to talk about! There are a lot of projects that started filming or started their promotional phase, which means one thing: it is picture spamming time (as always :P).  Continue reading

2016 IQIYI All-Star Carnival: PERFECTION!


While Hong Kong hosted a messy kpop award ceremony (yes, I am refering to this year’s YG-con, aka MAMA), in China, things are done right. See your faves on this poster? That is just a limited number of the huge amount of guests who came to IQIYI’s ALL STAR CARNIVAL! Haha, are you ready for some fun fun pictures that will make your heart flutter to no end? That’s how I felt while I was gathering pictures for this post. One thing is for sure, 2015 was so fun!!! Read the whole article, because I left the best at the end!

Order of the article: Red Carpet, Award winners, Performances and BTS (best part + update).

2015/12/06: Last update I promise! >_< Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Ex-Files 2, Rouge, OMG, Three World


Another entertainment update since we didn’t write many articles in the past weeks and some new stills were releases and there are some news to catch on. ^^ Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Ex-Files 2, Oh My God, Red Carpet


When all the cool kids hang together!

Hehe, I feel like I am doing too many Entertainment Update these days :”D New trailers for today and some nice photoshoot/ gala pictures of our favorite entertainers ^^!! Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Legend of Mi Yue, Tao, Du Lala’s Promotion

Mi 24

New entertainment update! This one has very few news and I am just catching up on some old stuffs ^^… Hope youu guys had a great start of school year (if you poor souls are in school) and a happy start of week for everyone!! Sidenote: Legend of Mi Yue released a 26 minutes trailer today!!

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