Entertainment Update: Go Fighting Movie, Aaron Kwok Dating, Hangeng Dating, Ghouls


We wanted to notice you that the upcoming weeks are … finals!! Probably all of our readers understand the pain of studying for finals so please be understanding as we will slower our blog postings for the next, hum, three weeks. Of course, as we are big followers of Chinese entertainement, we may not be able to resist and post from time to time. 😛 Sorry about that, but we promise more articles and features after Christmas!

Today’s entertainment update is a little bit boring as nothing much happened. However, it was the release of two big dramas (Legend of Mi Yue and Legend of Qin) so these two are getting A LOT of clics on weibo.

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Couple Alert! Who is a couple with who?


We have compiled a list of celebrity couples in this article (because yes, I was just that bored) ^^. By the looks of it, 2015 was definitely a lovey dovey year, with many couples getting married or declaring their relationship. Anyway, congratulation to all of them :)) If we missed any, please tell us in the comment box below ^^ Continue reading