Entertainment Update: Hot Girl, Finding Mr. Right, Summer Desire


Who missed Ma Ke? The recent entertainment update are not that meat-y, probably there are so many awesome projects released that all promotion teams in the entertainment world thought there is no need to tease us. *nod head. must be it* With the release of Journey of Flower in summer 2015, do you think this year will top the previous one?

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[List] Chinese Dramas 2016

Just One Smile Is Very Alluring

It is the end of 2015 and the beginning of another great year in Dramaland. Here is a good list of all Chinese Dramas that have scheduled to be aired in 2016 (or have that year glued to the project name). With my estimation, I would say about half of them will actually have an air date. I am sure everyone has a specific drama they want to air since EVERY actor has a lot of projects coming up. Seriously. Let the odd be ever in your favor 😉 Continue reading

December Air Dates + Mi Yue Zhuan for Nov 30th 2015!


Yeah! It is the end of November, which means… the airing of Mi Yue Legend! It will officially air on November 30th, 2015 (tomorrow!). Go see our gallery created for this occasion here where you can find a lot of goodies about this upcoming drama 😉  I first wanted to dedicate this post to Mi Yue, but for efficiency purpose, I decided to put all the air dates too!  Hence, added to this post are other exciting December dramas that are coming so check them out below. Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Zhu Xian, Ice Fantasy, Idol Dramas

704_1782912_574507Happy Thursday everyone! For everyone at school, it is going to be finals season very soon and I hope we are all going to survive the next life or death month! This week, a lot of new stills for movies and dramas!

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Entertainment Update: Ode to Joy, Clouds, Ghouls, Hot Girl


New entertainment update! Hourra! Tone of new stills in dramaland and movieland. Sidenote, but I love this OTP Ice Fantasy picture. Their Chemistry will be amazing! Out of all those stills, I am mostly excited for Ode to Joy! ^^ Continue reading

Entertainment Update: November Air dates, If Love Like This, Legend of Mi Yue


This entertainment update will cover the airing dates for November (really not that many shows), some casting news/released stills (like always) and some Zhao Liying gossip news (not THAT interesting either). It is a slow start for November 😛 Continue reading