Weibo, Vlinkage and More Releases End of Year Bilan


Happy New Year everyone!! Weibo released a lot of data/articles to summarize 2015, but we didn’t get the chance to sort everything out… until recently. Here comes an information heavy article! Are your favorite shows and stars on the rankings? And how well did they perform?

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Actor Update: Zhao Liying, Wallace Chung, Gao Yuanyuan


It seems like everyone is curious about Zhao Liying’s whereabout recently. I thought I covered most of her projects in the last entertainment update, but the girl is just sooo busy that there are tone of more things that came out. Here is a short round-up of some actors: Zhao Liying, Wallace Chung, Gao Yuanyuan and Zheng Shuang. Continue reading

2015 Cdramadevotee Awards by Archidisign

Yes. It is a thing. Believe it or not, I think 2015 was the biggest year for Chinese Drama world. The quality and the ratings went up and more people are starting to pay attention to these beautiful productions. For example, Viki’s dramas list now includes Chinese dramas, which are being done faster than ever. I did not watch everything that came out, so it is understandable if my “contestants” may not be the only valid contestants to the title out there xD I may be biased in my opinion, but this is not an official award, so please bare with me! Note: I only nominated contestants worthy of the titles. Continue reading

[Update] Idol Up: Zhao Liying Episode Out!!

Here is a biased post about ZLY 8D

After eleven weeks of broadcast, it is finally the turn of my beautiful Zhao Liying to get the spotlight. As you proabably realized before, Idol Up releases every week a short clip about one of their cast member in the form of a video biography. You will hear her producers/directors (the ones for Gong Movie, Rouge, New Princess Returning Pearl) as well as her other co-actors/friends/MC (Xie Na, Ada Choi, He Jiong, Lu Yi, William Chan, Nicky Wu, Kenny Kwan, Bao BeiEr).

After waiting for more than two months, I finally got it! Yeah! Here is the link:

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Entertainment Update: Ice Fantasy, God of War Zhao Yun, Alluring Smile


A new Entertainment Update full of Ice Fantasy pictures! In the picture above, you can spot Victoria, Feng Shaofeng, Ma Tianyu, and Guo Jingming. Sorry for the lack of posts these days, wish me luck for my upcoming midterm ><!! Continue reading

Entertainment Update: He Jiong Dating Wang Jing, Michelle Chen+Yuan Shanshan, Angelababy Wedding Preparations


@_@ I don’t know how I squeezed in the time to follow the C-entertainment these days when I have to study all day everyday. Assignments and self study are no joke these days and I always feel tired. Any other college kids in the same boat? Here is a quiet recap of what happened this week. Continue reading