[Anticipation Post] Imperial Doctress with Liu Shishi and Wallace Huo

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Third anticipation post of the month: Imperial Doctress with Liu Shishi, Wallace Huo and Huang Xun. A strong lady stuck between two royal brothers while trying to have her own career. Sounds like a mix of Bubujingxin and Legend of Lu Zhen! It should be released for February 13th.  Continue reading


[Feature] Chinese New Year’s Greetings


Some New Year’s greetings before starting this new Monkey Year! ^^ Did you receive any Hong Bao? Anyhow, celebritie are here to celebrate New Year with you. You can also follow this link by eternallyjm for even more greetings! Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Run for Love, Adventure for Love

As February swipes into the C-Entertainment world, many romantic comedy are popping out left and right! Here comes a very loving and cozy entertainment update!

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Airing Dates for February

Are you super lost because it is a downpour of drama/movie/variety show stills since the beginning of the year? Did you feel like nothing good was airing on TV during the past month? Well, worry not because C-entertainment is super busy these days for the month of February aka releasing month! Continue reading

[List] Chinese Dramas 2016

Just One Smile Is Very Alluring

It is the end of 2015 and the beginning of another great year in Dramaland. Here is a good list of all Chinese Dramas that have scheduled to be aired in 2016 (or have that year glued to the project name). With my estimation, I would say about half of them will actually have an air date. I am sure everyone has a specific drama they want to air since EVERY actor has a lot of projects coming up. Seriously. Let the odd be ever in your favor 😉 Continue reading

9 Chinese Ancient Dramas We Demand to See!! + 7 others


Or at least the ones I want to see badly! I did not put the dramas with rumored air date coming very soon, the ones with confirmed broadcasting date, the ones that just finished shooting or the ones I have no crazy interest in. Here is a list of 9 Chinese Ancient Dramas filmed and ready to be broadcasted. For all of these dramas, their actors and actresses already moved on to new projects but the drama itself is still in the cave, with no air date to be announced 😦 Continue reading