Paris Fashion Week 2016 with Victoria and Janine Chang


Paris’s Fashion Week just ended today! As someone who loves art, I enjoyed wasting my time looking at these supermodels in gorgeous Haute Couture. Of course, it helped that some of my favourite actresses, Victoria and Liu Shishi, attended the event. Which ones are your favourite?

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Entertainment Update: Lady Bees, Flying Daggers, Ghost Blows


A quick entertainment update with various news: some rumored dramas, movie/drama/variety stills, fanart and couple pictures ^^ Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Les Interpretes, Mr.Right, As Long As You Love Me

6d40f7f4jw1f0ysm5qy9wj21kw0x6wv8Yeah! More news and stills involving fiming projects and not old ones that are airing now! Lots of goodies this time ^_^ May love spread around!

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[Music] TOP 7 Popular/Nostalgic Songs to Be On Your Playlist


We mostly cover dramas, movies, and variety news, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy some great music. Chinese songs are known to be more ballad like, slower, gentler. As a fan of Chinese songs since a child, I have accumulated an impressive list of favorite mandarin songs (mostly from my favorite dramas and movies). But today, I want to focus on the popular ones! The ones that everyone in China had heard before and that will probably bring to you some real real real nostalgic feelings, like “I remember when that song was really popular!”. Hehe, let’s see if those songs are already in your phone/ipod/music folder. Continue reading

Couple Alert! Who is a couple with who?


We have compiled a list of celebrity couples in this article (because yes, I was just that bored) ^^. By the looks of it, 2015 was definitely a lovey dovey year, with many couples getting married or declaring their relationship. Anyway, congratulation to all of them :)) If we missed any, please tell us in the comment box below ^^ Continue reading

[Variety] The Voice of China 4 Welcomes back Summer!


Two words: Jay Chou. *Nod Nod, I know*… The sensational and trendy Jay is finally on the show! Since season 2, the PD’s of The Voice tried to book him as a coach but Jay Chou has never shown any interest. However, with his high profile wedding last year, Jay Jay seems ready to be back in the public eye. With past coach Na Ying, Harlem Yu, and Wang Feng… they are here to heat up this summer!

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