Entertainment Update: Bounty Hunter, So I Married My Hater, and More


New entertainment update with some really nice up and coming projects! I really want to do a recap for Go Fighting (lol, it is slowly replacing Run Brother in my heart, despite that both are currently airing), some first impression for Ode of Joy, and more! It should all happen next week 🙂

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Entertainment Update: Sweet Sixteen, My Sassy Girl 2


Ship ship ship!

Really quick entertainment update! Not much happened with the news and stills. However, there are a lot of enjoyable dramas been released. Which one are you watching?

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Entertainment Update: Yang Rong, Jiang Jinfu Castings, Old Nine Gates, Zhu Xian


Wallace Huo says: “Please read this post…” Hehe, this entertainment update has a lot three casting news and lots and lots of stuff for movies AND dramas! Be ready to roll ^^ Oh and special mention. It took us some time, but we added a new category on the blog called Entertainment Update (instead of always categorizing it in the other sections…) Hope this will help you navigate more easily through the blog! Continue reading

Variety Show Showdown: Real Hero, Go Fighting, and Top Fly


Real Hero is a new variety show and from this list, it is the one I am the most the excited about ^^! I first heard of its casting from Cfensi (link here) so look at their article too! So yeah, this one is once again a Chinese version of Korean variety show: Infinite Challenge. From the trailer, I see a lot of moral issues and positive thinking from how the cast talks… *facepalm* I want to shake all those guys and tell them they are filming a variety show, not the Olympics!

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