Entertainment Update: Three Worlds, Classics of Mountains, and LOTS More


I am back! Hehe, sorry for the lack of posts :””D, even Archidisign nagged me about it ^^… and we didn’t even cover Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu’s wedding. Yep, there is a lot of catching up to do in the entertainment world!

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Entertainment Update: Decoded, MBA Partners, Song of Phoenix, Castings


Lots and lots of character stills this time! Some new interesting projects and variety show guests were also announced so keep reading 😉 . Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Zhu Xian, To Be a Better Man, My Sassy Girl 2

New entertainment Update! For the first week of March, let’s get an overdose of Lay and f(x)! Of course, highly anticipated projects such as Zhu Xian and Stay with Me did not disappoint either! Hope March is not too cold for anyone 🙂

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Entertainment Update: LongShi Wedding, Lover’s Lies, Song of Phoenix


Not much happened in the entertainment world for the last few days. Hehe, William Chan and Li Yifeng are proving themselves to be puppy idols >.< in these pictures… Otherwise, let’s wish a fast recovery for Lay

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Devil or Angel Held Red Carpet


Ready for one of the most anticipated holiday movie of this year? Devil or Angel held a red carpet and it is adorable to see how many guests on Run Brother came to support Deng Chao! It will be released today, so stay tuned everyone!!

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Entertainment Update: Hu Ge Goes Raw + ZLY Collab?, Chinese Hero, Love&Life&Lie


Before we start the entertainment update, let’s get some eye candy from Hu Ge! As a promotion for Sina TV Awards, he did a “special” photoshoot…. bare skin: Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Flying Daggers, Rookie Agent Rouge, Miss Unlucky


On Monday 23/11/2015 finally ended the atrocities that was Yun Zhong Ge. It is all good guys, we survived! Maybe I am being cynical since apparently Chen Xiao was good in it. (People on weibo seemed to be mad at the unexpected aired ending since it was rumored to be a happy one and turns out Hunan trolled the viewers again) Next, we have some candy dramas for everyone. There is a new Palace drama in Mi Yue Legend with an all star cast (Sun Li, Liu Tao, Jiang Xin), a xianxia/wuxia/fantasy drama in Qin’s Moon Legend (Lu Yi, Michelle Chen, Jiang Jingfu, Hu Bingqing and guest appearance of Wu Lei) as well as a cute modern drama called The Women on the Bread Tree with Tang Yang and Bosco Wong. But, while waiting for these dramas to air, let’s look at some new stills: Continue reading