Airing Dates for February

Are you super lost because it is a downpour of drama/movie/variety show stills since the beginning of the year? Did you feel like nothing good was airing on TV during the past month? Well, worry not because C-entertainment is super busy these days for the month of February aka releasing month! Continue reading


Anhui’s Domestic TV series Ceremony 国剧盛典


Le’ts talk about this year’s Domestic TV Series Ceremony 国剧盛典 2015 hosted by Dongfang Dragon TV Channel/Anhui Channel. Haha. What a stupid idea to film the ceremony on December 18th 2015 and only air it on January 1st, 2016. So stupid I could get mad. This means we don’t see the funny moments during the ceremony, the interviews, the shows and even the awards given moments in advance. The pictures for the red carpet are out though and I really wanted to share them before next year :3 (as always, BTS at the end of the post)

Edit 2015/12/20 : Lifewithdramas made a really good list of winners so you can go check it out here. 😛  Continue reading

[Drama] Half for the People, Half for the Beauties with Mickey He and Li Yixiao


半为苍生半美人 or Half for the People, Half for the Beauties has Mickey He and Li Yixiao as leads. I don’t know much about this drama, but one thing is for sure: Mickey He is a great actor. This is his second project this year as his other project The Four came out at the beginning of the year (he played the villain in it). This drama should be coming out today on July 5th. Enough said. Continue reading