Entertainment Update: Sweet Sixteen, Princess Weiyoung, Song Jihyo+Chen Bolin


A short entertainment update! 🙂 Hope everyone can enjoy it ^^ I love Yoona more every passing day, she is so gorgeous. In this feature, a lot of exciting stills and a gorgeous photoshoot of Song Jihyo and Chen Bolin.

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Entertainment Update: Mad in Love, Mr.Right, Inside or Outside


The cast of L.O.R.D wish you a happy new year! What else is in this new entertainment update? Lots of new stills for both movies and dramas wanting an air date!! Bonus Liu Shishi pictures at the end… Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Go Fighting Movie, Aaron Kwok Dating, Hangeng Dating, Ghouls


We wanted to notice you that the upcoming weeks are … finals!! Probably all of our readers understand the pain of studying for finals so please be understanding as we will slower our blog postings for the next, hum, three weeks. Of course, as we are big followers of Chinese entertainement, we may not be able to resist and post from time to time. 😛 Sorry about that, but we promise more articles and features after Christmas!

Today’s entertainment update is a little bit boring as nothing much happened. However, it was the release of two big dramas (Legend of Mi Yue and Legend of Qin) so these two are getting A LOT of clics on weibo.

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Couple Alert! Who is a couple with who?


We have compiled a list of celebrity couples in this article (because yes, I was just that bored) ^^. By the looks of it, 2015 was definitely a lovey dovey year, with many couples getting married or declaring their relationship. Anyway, congratulation to all of them :)) If we missed any, please tell us in the comment box below ^^ Continue reading

Qin’s Moon / Legend of Qin Drama Post Part 2


With the soon release of this epic drama (it is scheduled for November 29th so in about three days), Qin’s Moon is releasing a lot of stills and goodies for the anticipating viewers. We wrote about this drama before Here, but this is our second post. Kind of an anticipation post? 😛 Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Flying Daggers, Rookie Agent Rouge, Miss Unlucky


On Monday 23/11/2015 finally ended the atrocities that was Yun Zhong Ge. It is all good guys, we survived! Maybe I am being cynical since apparently Chen Xiao was good in it. (People on weibo seemed to be mad at the unexpected aired ending since it was rumored to be a happy one and turns out Hunan trolled the viewers again) Next, we have some candy dramas for everyone. There is a new Palace drama in Mi Yue Legend with an all star cast (Sun Li, Liu Tao, Jiang Xin), a xianxia/wuxia/fantasy drama in Qin’s Moon Legend (Lu Yi, Michelle Chen, Jiang Jingfu, Hu Bingqing and guest appearance of Wu Lei) as well as a cute modern drama called The Women on the Bread Tree with Tang Yang and Bosco Wong. But, while waiting for these dramas to air, let’s look at some new stills: Continue reading

Entertainment Update: November Air dates, If Love Like This, Legend of Mi Yue


This entertainment update will cover the airing dates for November (really not that many shows), some casting news/released stills (like always) and some Zhao Liying gossip news (not THAT interesting either). It is a slow start for November 😛 Continue reading