Entertainment Update: Shanghai TV Series Festival, My Sassy Girl, Ode to Gallantry


An award show? How unexpected at this time of the year! Anyhow, some of our favorites went to the ceremony so I am happy. SUPER long post today. There are lots of new stills for various projects such as Old Nine Gates, My Sassy Girl, Demon Girl, Ode to Gallantry. Also, there are some new casting news for both dramas and variety shows. Enjoy ^^

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[Trending] Zheng Shuang Dating Tiger Hu, Zheng Kai Dating, Hu Ge Breaks Up


Hehe, I feel so gossipy for writing this article, but so many dating news came out recently that I thought I may as well update you guys on them! Today is Chinese Valentine’s day and a lot of couples declared their love for each other and to their fans 🙂

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Special: Hu Ge and his projects


This blog seems to not cover Hu Ge’s project very much and that’s too bad because he is a great actor! I am a fan of him since his great performance as Guo Jing in Legend of the Condor Heroes. Anyhow, he does have a few projects coming up so I thought it would be good to cover them. Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Legend of Zu, Di Ren Jie, etc.


What is happening in the Chinese entertainment world at the end of May 2015? Like always, more stills,  more promotions, more projects annoucement! Continue reading