Entertainment Update: Lady Bees, Flying Daggers, Ghost Blows


A quick entertainment update with various news: some rumored dramas, movie/drama/variety stills, fanart and couple pictures ^^ Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Merry Christmas, Girl Wearing Earings, Old Nine Gates!


Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying this precious time with their family and friends! I don’t know the situation on your side of the globe, but here we are having a Christmas without snow for the first time in super super long time 😦 Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Acting Awards, Unforgiven, Pretty Woman


Today’s entertainment update is a little bit boring as really, nothing exciting happened for the last five days. We tried to gather as many interesting news as possible for you guys, but it was hard! xD There are stills released here and there though… Continue reading

Couple Alert! Who is a couple with who?


We have compiled a list of celebrity couples in this article (because yes, I was just that bored) ^^. By the looks of it, 2015 was definitely a lovey dovey year, with many couples getting married or declaring their relationship. Anyway, congratulation to all of them :)) If we missed any, please tell us in the comment box below ^^ Continue reading

Variety Show: Idol Up and Chef Nic! (yes, another ZLY post)


WHAT???? Read the post to know who is that guy!

Zhao Liying is the busiest c-entertainment girl right now. As she is staring on Idol Up, you would think that is enough. Beeeep. She also guested on Happy Camp and Chef Nic.  Although both episodes didn’t air yet, I still wanted to share the pictures of our girl. BTS pictures coming! Also, I don’t write recaps for Idol Up, but I still want to share with you guys this week’s episode. So, here is a short, in point, list of the moments that caught my attention on Idol Up. On a side note, I love how Zhao Liying is becoming more confident and more happy through each of these show appearances.

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Forbes releases 2015 Chinese Celebrities Popularity List


Forbes released this weekend (May 11st,  2015) the 2015 Forbes Chinese Celebrity List. Haha, Archidisign will be happy to know that more than 9 小鲜肉 got on the list. Like the last three years, Fan Bingbing took the first list. Her drama Legend of Wu Zhi Tian helped a lot. Jay Chou, who got married this year, also received great quantity of media attention. At the third place of the podium is Nicholas Tse, who hosted a much loved cooking show at the end of 2014.

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