Liu Shishi+Nicky Wu’s Wedding Late Post


:”D Sorry for all of you readers who don’t care about Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu… I just couldn’t resist writing a full article about the men (Wallace Huo and Hu Ge) in LSS’s life ^^ Bear with me, I will keep it short.

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Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu’s Wedding

OMG, I waited for so long for this wedding to happen! Be ready for an article full of love! Hehe, as a fan, I am totally satisfied! Hope them all the best for tomorrow!

NOTE: More pictures has been updated at the end of this post ^^ Keep scrolling down :”D

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Photoshoot Special


OMG!! Read the tag list and you will see that we have some pretty big fashionista celebrities in this round-up of photoshots! We put the best one at the beginning and at the end of the post so keep rolling to see them all 8D Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Decoded, MBA Partners, Song of Phoenix, Castings


Lots and lots of character stills this time! Some new interesting projects and variety show guests were also announced so keep reading 😉 . Continue reading

List of C-Ent Bromance ~ Guys Edition


After our post on girl eternal friendships (this post), here is the continuation from the guys’ sides! There are so many! Like last time, I am pretty sure we missed out on a lot again… If you noticed any miss, feel free to write a comment and scold us 😛 It didn’t feel right to only call them BFF. Some are just casual friendships and others are mostly created by the media/fangirls. So, here is a list of bromances in Chinese entertainment! Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Ladders of Love, Les Interpretes, Miss Unlucky, Mr.Right


Aka all the modern dramas. We compiled in this entertainment update some new casting news, a LOT of stills from modern dramas, a few period dramas/movies and finally added some interesting gossip thoughts. ^^ Continue reading