Entertainment Update: Ladders of Love, Les Interpretes, Miss Unlucky, Mr.Right


Aka all the modern dramas. We compiled in this entertainment update some new casting news, a LOT of stills from modern dramas, a few period dramas/movies and finally added some interesting gossip thoughts. ^^ Continue reading


2015 Cdramadevotee Awards by Archidisign

Yes. It is a thing. Believe it or not, I think 2015 was the biggest year for Chinese Drama world. The quality and the ratings went up and more people are starting to pay attention to these beautiful productions. For example, Viki’s dramas list now includes Chinese dramas, which are being done faster than ever. I did not watch everything that came out, so it is understandable if my “contestants” may not be the only valid contestants to the title out there xD I may be biased in my opinion, but this is not an official award, so please bare with me! Note: I only nominated contestants worthy of the titles. Continue reading

Chen Xiang and Rachel Mao on Happy Camp


Love love love everywhere! 8D This week, three couples came on the Happy Camp. We have two married couples: Chen Xiao Chun (HK actor and singer) and his wife Cherrie Ying (HK actress) as well as Yang Yun (Chinese gymnast) with her husband Yang Wei (Chinese gymnast). Each couple has a son and they still seem very in love. That’s great! However, this post will be about my new sweetheart couple, Chen Xiang and Rachel Mao (Mao Xiaotong). Cuteness overload. ~~ This article will be exclusively on them :3 Continue reading

7 Chinese Actors and their Doppelganger/Look-alike Duos

Did you ever look at some actors/actresses and wonder, hey, this face looks familiar. No, it is not because every Chinese look the same (stop with this prejudices!). In the entertainment industry, there truly are celebrities who look so alike you had to stop and make sure you are not seeing double. ps; this list may be biased by author.

1. Wang Leehom and Purba Rgyal. The duo that made me want to write this post. Although I love both entertainers and want to saw their have their specific identity, when it comes to physical attribute, they look the same! Ok, maybe Purba is a bit more tanned. Both of them are excellent entertainers, doing both acting and singing very well. However, do note that they are not from the same hometown (I checked in case of twin situation xD). Purba is from Tibet while Leehom is from Taiwan.

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