Entertainment Update: MBA Partner, Sparrow, Les Interpretes


New entertainment Update 🙂 What are you the most excited about?

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[Drama][Part 4] Zhu Xian Character Charts


Here we go with Part 4 of drama Zhu Xian. This drama is on fast track now that all the leads are on the set. They didn’t stop releasing new material for the last week and had taken over the weibo hot topics list, category drama. Here, we will share the new stills as well as some character charts. Amazing fans did this awesome collage and it would be a shame if we didn’t share them! Here is the source’s link: Continue reading

[Drama] Zhu Xian with Li Yifeng and Yang Zi

Our second official article for this well hyped drama! I combined all the information we previously discussed in earlier entertainment updates in this sole one ^^. OMGG… I am so excited they have casted Qin Junjie (more info below ><)!!!

  • 12/08/2016: Update with new TFBoy’s stills!
  • 12/11/2016: Update with Posters for everyone! (except the leads xD)
  • 12/16/2016: Update with the swords

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LORD: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties adds new Cast Members


  • 爵迹

  • LORD: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties
  • Director: Guo Jingming
  • Based on book of same name by Guo Jingming
  • Release date: Summer 2016
  • 1
  • Cast: Fan Bingbing, Kris Wu, Aartif Rahman (Lee), Roy Wang, Amber Kuo, Wang Duo, Yan Kuan, Lin Yun, William Chan, Yang Mi, Chen Xuedong, and Guo Jingming

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