Entertainment Update: MBA Partner, Sparrow, Les Interpretes


New entertainment Update πŸ™‚ What are you the most excited about?

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Entertainment Update: Legend of Ruyi Casting, Zhu Xian, Demon Girl


Yuan Xiao Kuai Le!! ^^ Are we late? Yes, we are, but it is the thought that counts right? *start dreaming of thousands of Tang Yuan to eat*

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Entertainment Update: Taiwan Earthquake, Ice Fantasy, Kris+Hollywood, Zhu Xian


Hello! As all the dramas are getting released these days (Chronciles of Life, Fox Legend, Xiao Shi Yi Lang, Princess Jieyou, Imperial Doctress, etc), the release of stills and casting news were especially low. A slow start to this new year πŸ˜‰Β Ice Fantasy released a first teaser, Kris is casted in yet another high budget project and dramas/movies are releasing some new stills. But before everything, let’s send our prayers to the people in Taiwan. Continue reading

Entertainment Update: LongShi Wedding, Lover’s Lies, Song of Phoenix


Not much happened in the entertainment world for the last few days. Hehe, William Chan and Li Yifeng are proving themselves to be puppy idols >.< in these pictures… Otherwise, let’s wish a fast recovery for Lay

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[List] Chinese Dramas 2016

Just One Smile Is Very Alluring

It is the end of 2015 and the beginning of another great year in Dramaland. Here is a good list of all Chinese Dramas that have scheduled to be aired in 2016 (or have that year glued to the project name). With my estimation, I would say about half of them will actually have an air date. I am sure everyone has a specific drama they want to air since EVERY actor has a lot of projects coming up. Seriously. Let the odd be ever in your favor πŸ˜‰ Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Go Fighting Movie, Aaron Kwok Dating, Hangeng Dating, Ghouls


We wanted to notice you that the upcoming weeks are … finals!! Probably all of our readers understand the pain of studying for finals so please be understanding as we will slower our blog postings for the next, hum, three weeks. Of course, as we are big followers of Chinese entertainement, we may not be able to resist and post from time to time. πŸ˜› Sorry about that, but we promise more articles and features after Christmas!

Today’s entertainment update is a little bit boring as nothing much happened. However, it was the release of two big dramas (Legend of Mi Yue and Legend of Qin) so these two are getting A LOT of clics on weibo.

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Entertainment Update: Rouge, Li Yifeng projects, 15 Years of Waiting

4Before all, let’s first all #PrayForParis. Hope no more attacks will happen and all the culprit will be caught. Most importantly, hope all the survivors will be able to recover fast and well. ❀

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