Entertainment Update: Song of Phoenix, Du Lala 2, Tribes and Prophecy


Fun time with entertainment updates! ^^ I really like this one, just for the beautiful pictures of Song of Phoenix and all the adorable gifs… what do you think?

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Entertainment Update: Three Worlds, Classics of Mountains, and LOTS More


I am back! Hehe, sorry for the lack of posts :””D, even Archidisign nagged me about it ^^… and we didn’t even cover Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu’s wedding. Yep, there is a lot of catching up to do in the entertainment world!

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[Part 2] Revive with Ma Ke and Viann Zhang Gets Airing Date


Do we have any fan of Ma Ke on the blog? Well, good news for you guys! The handsome and beautiful man of our heart will soon reappear on the small screen. The drama Revive starring Ma Ke, Viann Zhang and Xu Haiqiao will start airing on March 24th!

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Entertainment Update: Decoded, MBA Partners, Song of Phoenix, Castings


Lots and lots of character stills this time! Some new interesting projects and variety show guests were also announced so keep reading 😉 . Continue reading

[Drama] Demon Girl with Zhang Zhehan and Li Yitong

We talked about the drama a few time in entertainment updates, but never really went too deep into the story. Redemption time! The Chinese name of the drama is 半妖倾城 which can be translated to Half-Demon, Half Demon Allure. With official name Demon Girl, this drama is produced by Yu Zheng and is starring Zhang Zhehan and new actress Li Yitong. Sigh, whatever. I feel like Yu Zheng has some really weird modern projects this year. Had he gone insane after the Yun Zhong Ge’s sad ratings? Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Song of Phoenix, Noonas over Flowers 2, Kill Time, Berlin Film Festival


Hi! I know the Chinese New Year is over, so here are the LAST pack of greetings from the celebrities to start the year! There is one new drama in work (Gufang BuZishang), one red carpet event (Berlin Film Festival), one drama that started filming (Three Lives), and some new stills (Kill Time)! Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Zhu Xian, Old Nine Gates, Three Worlds, GPG, Phoenix


A very small entertainment update :”D But so many nice pictures and BTS.. hope you guys love it as much as I do ><

[Update: added more stills]

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