[Review] Run Brother Through the Seasons


Many data and information about Run Brother from season 1 to season 2! Zhejiang TV recently released a chart of Run Brother performance during 2014-2015 and I thought it would be interesting to translate it for the blog 🙂

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[Recap][End] Run Brother 3 Ep. 9-12 + More!

6ff51fefjw1ezbp9r1itcj20qe0hkjwoMore Run Brother recaps for fun :)) Finally, we get the episode with Yang Mi! I did 4 episodes at once again because I felt lazy :”D… go to the end of the article for some Luhan+Kris reunion information ^^! Happy week-end everyone!
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End of Year Shows by DongFang, Zhejiang, Hunan and JiangSu TV

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Celebrities are joining in for the end of the year shows, which mostly includes musical performances from celebrities /actors /singers. We won’t do a recap of the whole night (that’s too crazy), but here are the key moments… (in our opinion) Wow, that was one crazy end of the year, but we did it! Hope C-ent world can slow down a bit and let us breath… v_v Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Nirvana in Fire Awards, Fashion Together, Run for Love


Last entertainment update of 2015! Swept that tear away and let’s go! 8D This entertainment update starts off with some great news for Myolie Wu and Zhang Ziyi, cute pic of the Jia Nailiang family, brings out the classic deal of stills+casting news+awards and ends up with some fashion photoshoot. Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Chinese Hero, Monkey King 2, Casting Rumors


A new and short entertainment update just because I want to release these gorgeous pictures of Yoona a little faster ^^… There were a lot of fresh sudden news today!

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Entertainment Update: Best Beauty, My Male God, Dulala2


Hehe, there are always news to share in the busy Chinese Entertainment circle. I am done with my midterms finally, so to celebrate, another entertainment update! If November is slow on the released dramas side, it is however full of casting news! This update is quiet long. We first cover 1) Casting news, 2) Stills for drama/movies/variety, 3)Gossips and 4) Fashion photoshots and events. Enjoyy!

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