Entertainment Update: Ladders of Love, Les Interpretes, Miss Unlucky, Mr.Right


Aka all the modern dramas. We compiled in this entertainment update some new casting news, a LOT of stills from modern dramas, a few period dramas/movies and finally added some interesting gossip thoughts. ^^ Continue reading


Entertainment Update: Chronicles of Life, Run for Time, Esquire


Another entertainment update! Jimmy Lin is now the proud father of three little boys (I refuse to believe Kimi is growning up ><), Esquire held a Fashion event with many of our favorite actors and actresses while many projects continue to release more stills!

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[Variety Recap] Run Brother 3, Run For Time, Happy Camp with Victoria


Hehe, variety shows are back to the spotlight and I thought for this week only, instead of doing a recap for Run Brother, I will do one for all the popular variety shows of the week (especially since I love all the guests ^^)~~ Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Rouge, Li Yifeng projects, 15 Years of Waiting

4Before all, let’s first all #PrayForParis. Hope no more attacks will happen and all the culprit will be caught. Most importantly, hope all the survivors will be able to recover fast and well. ❤

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Entertainment Update: Best Beauty, My Male God, Dulala2


Hehe, there are always news to share in the busy Chinese Entertainment circle. I am done with my midterms finally, so to celebrate, another entertainment update! If November is slow on the released dramas side, it is however full of casting news! This update is quiet long. We first cover 1) Casting news, 2) Stills for drama/movies/variety, 3)Gossips and 4) Fashion photoshots and events. Enjoyy!

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Period Drama Entertainment Update: The Gods, Border Town Prodigal, Classic of Mountains and Seas


Hehe, here is recap of most of the period dramas that are either promoting or filming right now. There are still a feel missings, but I will try to write a full article for those ones! There are so many stills that came out and I was quiet excited to share them with you. After all, my biggest love in C-entertainment is… Cdramas 😛 Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Beautiful Secret, Time to Love, Chinese Paladin 5


We didn’t do an entertainment update for a long time and there had been some stills released for projects we covered in the past. Furthermore, more new projects were also announced so we are more than happy to cover them! 🙂 Continue reading