2015 Cdramadevotee Awards by Archidisign

Yes. It is a thing. Believe it or not, I think 2015 was the biggest year for Chinese Drama world. The quality and the ratings went up and more people are starting to pay attention to these beautiful productions. For example, Viki’s dramas list now includes Chinese dramas, which are being done faster than ever. I did not watch everything that came out, so it is understandable if my “contestants” may not be the only valid contestants to the title out there xD I may be biased in my opinion, but this is not an official award, so please bare with me! Note: I only nominated contestants worthy of the titles. Continue reading


[Story line recap] 旋风少女 Whirlwind Girl Ep. 25-32 [End]


Using this poster because Chen Xiang doesn’t have enough scenes!

Sorry for all the procrastination!! 😦 I really have no excuses. This is the last post about this drama. It was fun and cute and really your classic modern summer drama about teenager romance. Sweet, but lacking a little bit of content. It also has a lot of plot holes, which allowed everything to end so well. Anyway, when you watch a sport drama, you are watching for the kickass action scenes 8D I wrote a shorter recap with some details missing because there are jus too many episodes to cover! However, although, this was supposed of episode 32, it is actually not the end end. This is only the end of season 1! :O What a bit shock right?

Update: Also, just to point out for the lovers of Chen Xiang! It is announced on September 3rd in China that Chen Xiang is dating Rachel Mo. The two actors had starred together in the drama Return of the Condor Heroes as supporting cast! Congradulations! Continue reading

[Story line recap] 旋风少女 Whirlwind Girl Ep. 13-16


There are two words I hear the most when watching this drama: 1) BaiCao and 2) Jiayou (Fighting!). Seriously. I feel like the script writers for the drama had a really easy mandate this time. The vocabulary in general is really simple, and it is hard for me to say if I like this or not. On another note, did you guys catch the variety show this week (LOL and Happy Camp)? They were quiet cute! :3 I loved Wu Lei’s part!

Anyway, like with Best Get Going, I have decided to only tag recaps with the title of the drama (instead of putting all the actors’ names in the list too).  Continue reading

[Feature] List of Chinese Sports Drama+1Jdrama


With Whirlwind Girl airing now, I decided to do this special post. This new feature list is all about sports dramas. First, these are dramas I am mostly familiar with. As I mostly watch Chinese dramas, there probably are Korean, Japanese and even Chinese dramas out there that are not included in the list. So, maybe this can be an intro list to people curious about sports dramas. Sports dramas are always about cooperation, hard work/training, friendship and team spirit. Continue reading