Entertainment Update: Les Interpretes, Advisor Alliance, Memory Lost


Yes, how did you guess? I am on vacation!!~

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Entertainment Update: Sweet Sixteen, Princess Weiyoung, Song Jihyo+Chen Bolin


A short entertainment update! 🙂 Hope everyone can enjoy it ^^ I love Yoona more every passing day, she is so gorgeous. In this feature, a lot of exciting stills and a gorgeous photoshoot of Song Jihyo and Chen Bolin.

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Happy Camp with Chinese Hero’s Yoona


Happy one year anniversary Cdramadevotee! 😀 *throw confettis* Sadly, only one of us made it till the end ^^!! *joking joking* We are trully happy the blog is getting older and thank you all for staying with us

I loved this episode for YoonA, she was so adorable! But at the same time, I am soooo mad at the Happy Camp’s producers! Quick post (plus beautiful pictures)! Continue reading

[Drama] God of War Zhao Yun Gets a Release Date!

Hello World! Popping in to release this article :)) This week has been extremely tiring but I also very gratifying. Something really good happened in my life and I am now all hyped up 🙂 The problem is I still have a midterm tomorrow QAQ… Anyway, some good news for all of you who are fans of Yoona and Lin Gengxin! The set release date right now is April 3rd, 2016!

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Entertainment Update: Chinese Hero, Monkey King 2, Casting Rumors


A new and short entertainment update just because I want to release these gorgeous pictures of Yoona a little faster ^^… There were a lot of fresh sudden news today!

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Entertainment Update: Hu Ge Goes Raw + ZLY Collab?, Chinese Hero, Love&Life&Lie


Before we start the entertainment update, let’s get some eye candy from Hu Ge! As a promotion for Sina TV Awards, he did a “special” photoshoot…. bare skin: Continue reading

2016 IQIYI All-Star Carnival: PERFECTION!


While Hong Kong hosted a messy kpop award ceremony (yes, I am refering to this year’s YG-con, aka MAMA), in China, things are done right. See your faves on this poster? That is just a limited number of the huge amount of guests who came to IQIYI’s ALL STAR CARNIVAL! Haha, are you ready for some fun fun pictures that will make your heart flutter to no end? That’s how I felt while I was gathering pictures for this post. One thing is for sure, 2015 was so fun!!! Read the whole article, because I left the best at the end!

Order of the article: Red Carpet, Award winners, Performances and BTS (best part + update).

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