Entertainment Update: Hot Girl, Finding Mr. Right, Summer Desire


Who missed Ma Ke? The recent entertainment update are not that meat-y, probably there are so many awesome projects released that all promotion teams in the entertainment world thought there is no need to tease us. *nod head. must be it* With the release of Journey of Flower in summer 2015, do you think this year will top the previous one?

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Entertainment Update: Bounty Hunter, So I Married My Hater, and More


New entertainment update with some really nice up and coming projects! I really want to do a recap for Go Fighting (lol, it is slowly replacing Run Brother in my heart, despite that both are currently airing), some first impression for Ode of Joy, and more! It should all happen next week 🙂

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Photoshoot Special


OMG!! Read the tag list and you will see that we have some pretty big fashionista celebrities in this round-up of photoshots! We put the best one at the beginning and at the end of the post so keep rolling to see them all 8D Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Mr.Right, Fifteen Years Waiting for Birds, First Love


Hey guys! Just a head up: we may get a bit more busy in real life for the next few weeks, so we won’t be able to cover everything as well as we usually do.  It is the Chinese New Year, are you passing it well with your loved ones? We prepared two special posts for the occasions (the first one is about food and it is already out~) so hope you enjoy ^^. Eat at lot and stay healthy! This entertainment update has lots of goodies 😉 Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Les Interpretes, Adventure for Love, Beautiful Secret


This post is longer than usual. I don’t know why, but there were a crazy drop of new stills in the last two days and we barely caught up with all of them, ouf. Have fun!  Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Casting News Special


I made a round-up of current casting news as well as that old ones that we never really covered. Some of them are rumors, others are official. All I can say is that, until we see official BTS/stills, anything can happen! On a sidenote,a lot of the stars of these casting news are linked to either Hua Qian Gu or Nirvana in Fire ^^  Continue reading

Entertainment Update: Ode to Joy, Clouds, Ghouls, Hot Girl


New entertainment update! Hourra! Tone of new stills in dramaland and movieland. Sidenote, but I love this OTP Ice Fantasy picture. Their Chemistry will be amazing! Out of all those stills, I am mostly excited for Ode to Joy! ^^ Continue reading