[Red Carpet] 6th Beijing International Film Festival


Including the pictures from the previous entertainment update 🙂 Enjoy the pretty ladies 🙂 This is not the most popular red carpet of the year, but the guests make up for it!

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Casting Special Entertainment Update!

Tada! It is casting news time :3 Let’s try to talk about as MANY castings as possible in one post. Have fun and hope your bias got a gig 😉 Check out our last entertainment update as a lot of casting news were announced in it too and we won’t repeat everything. Continue reading

Devil or Angel Held Red Carpet


Ready for one of the most anticipated holiday movie of this year? Devil or Angel held a red carpet and it is adorable to see how many guests on Run Brother came to support Deng Chao! It will be released today, so stay tuned everyone!!

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[Recap] Run Brother 3 with Chen Qiao En, Amber Kuo, Song Jia, Ma Su, and Zhang Huiwen


This week present our lovely cast members as hardworking and loving people whose ultimate dream is to watch the flag rise at Tian An Men! In group of two (couple missions!), they must complete a series of games, including a name tag duel off, to determine which couple will have this honor! (short recap)

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Trailer for Movie Forever Young 栀子花开


Did you watch Left Ear this month and felt sad that the college movie was so short? Be happy because the next college movie Forever Young is coming out soon! New movie produced by He Jiong just released a very funny trailer starring Li Yifeng, Zhang Huiwen, Zhang Xinyu, Coco Lee, Jiang Jinfu and Du Tianhao.  Continue reading

Movie Forever Young 栀子花开 Directed by the Popular He Teacher

1 Zhang Huiwen/Candy Zhang

He Jiong or He Teacher/He Laoshi is the Main MC on popular Chinese Variety show ‘Happy Camp‘, show that has being running for more than 10 years. However, this project is not one to make you laugh, but instead stare in awe. Seriously, the stills are so gorgeous! The movie is called Forever Young 栀子花开 and will be released on July 10th 2015. Funny sidenote, but he promised during a press conference that the public won’t have to worry: he is not going to cast good friend Xie Na for his movie. Awwwnn, too bad, because I like her acting keke

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