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2004 A World Without Thieves 天下无贼 10/10 10/10

My favourite movie of all time. It is beautiful, thrilling, exciting, and has the best storyline in any Chinese movie I have ever watched. The romance is not boring at all and the evil characters are simply marvellous. A lot of friendship, it portrays perfectly the underground world of kick-ass thieves.
2004 Kung Fu Hustle 功夫 10/10
OMG. This movie is so awesome, it makes you believe you live in a Kung Fu world filled with out of this place characters. It gets weird as the story grows but instead of disliking the change, it got me wondering what is happening next.

2004 House of Flying Daggers 十面埋伏 9/10

The first movie that made me fall in love with Zhang Yimou’s directing skills. He is seriously so talented: all his movies are artistic and melancholic. In House of Flying Daggers, Zhang Ziyi is breathtaking as a Nu Xia and the guys are both manly to die for. The story is really interesting and beautiful, even if does not make much sense :’D

2007, 2010 If You Are the One 非诚勿扰 9/10

This movie stars Ge You, the best actor in China (yes, I said it!) and is very funny to watch. Qin Fen is a man in his early forties, going on blind dates to find a future wife to spend his life with. He meets Xiao Xiao, a gorgeous woman, who cannot forget her lover. The first segment of this saga is super good! It has a lot of comments on life, presented in the most hilarious way, and with very good dialogues delivered by top notch actors. The second segment is a lot more beautiful with more extravagant and rich features. I find the second segment a little too over the top and unbelievable, but it has nonethless the same type of view on life. Both are masterpieces but I prefer the first one a little more 🙂

2008 Forbidden Kingdom 功夫之王 8/10

As a wuxia movie, it was awesome to see Jackie Chan and Jet Li finally in a project together. The White Haired Witch and Golden Sparrow are kick-ass female protagonists and the scenery breathe-taking. However, the dialogues in English are poorly written and do not do justice to Journey to the West. It really felt like a Hollywood movie.

2010 Love in Disguise 恋爱通告 7.5/10 7/10

The movie has great visuals. However, the story line felt plain to me and the acting of Liu Yifei, without life. Definitely my less favorite work by her. Wang Leehom is funny but his acting does not compensate for everything this movie is lacking.

2011 You’re the Apple of my Eyes 那些年,我们一起追的女孩 9/10

One of the best high school movie about first love out there. The characters are not overly exaggerated as the brilliant girl or as the marvelous sportive guy and the story line is good. The chemistry between Kai Ko and Michelle Chen is awesome and the OST is sublime.

2011 Love You You 夏日乐悠悠 8.5/10

A great hidden gem! This movie is PERFECT for the summer time and is so agreeable to watch. It makes you want to relax about life and find a summer love story. Definitely recommended.

2011 Love is Not Blind 失恋33天 8.5/10

A lighthearted movie that follows the main character, played by Bai Baihe, as she discover her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend. Heartbroken, she shifts all her time to her job as a wedding planner and discovers life is a lot more than just love. I really liked this movie, which has so many likable and funny supporting characters, an adorable story that does not say much, but was still enjoyable to watch, and some funny scenes.

2012 The Last Tycoon 大上海 8.5/10

A very beautiful movie about the mob life in 1920s Shanghai. The setting is very similar to The Great Gatsby and it also have a ill-fated love story. I liked it a lot since it is very artistic and culture oriented. A good movie for more mature audience.

2012, 2013, 2014 The Four I, II, III 四大名捕 7.5/10

The movie is not particularly memorable since nothing was extremely outstanding. However, the plot gets more and more interesting as the story grows and you will slowly find yourself attached to the characters. Also, it is one of the few movies to feature wuxia and fantasy in a Chinese movie.

2013, 2014, 2015 Tiny Times Saga 小时代 7.5/10

I seriously didn’t know what rating to give this movie. It is really addictive, but at the same time tasteless. It is beautiful (both casting and setting) and has gorgeous OST, but is not smooth and you always feel like you are jumping from one scene to the next. Watch at your own risk~.

2013 Badges of Fury 不二神探 7.5/10

Good movie for some comedy relief with a fun and dynamic cast. The film has those Jet Li and Jackie Chan’s movies kind of plot, but Wen Zhang sadly do not possess their aura. Nonetheless, I had fun watching the movie.

2013 A Wedding Invitation分手合约 8/10

I was really excited to watch this movie since it stars some of my favorite entertainers: Bai Baihe, Jiang Jingfu, and Eddie Peng… talk about a dream team! Jiang Jingfu was as adorable as a puppy and Eddie Peng and Bai Baihe have a heartbroken performance in this movie. I still think Eddie Peng often “over”act his characters (like sitcom? I don’t know how to explain it…), but this can be considered as one of his better performance. The story is very typical but it was nonetheless a good movie to watch!

2014 Break-Up Guru 分手大师 8.5/10

An excellent comedic movie to pass time with friends. I loved it because I love Deng Chao (a versatile actor with great personality) and the plot line was outstandingly fun to watch. A little messy by moments but if you get pass that, it is a good choice.

2014 For Love or Money 露水红颜 8/10

Movie with excellent visuals. Rain looks handsome and Liu Yifei, as always good gorgeous. It is a movie by Gao Xixi and the sceneries are so stunning… the story line is a little over the top (rich guy, poor girl), but there is good chemistry with awesome setting.

2014 Break-Up Buddies 心花路放 7/10

Not my dish. A lot of jokes with some interesting reflections on life and love, added by lots of alcohol and sex. The movie was a tremendous success in China but after watching it, I didn’t find it particularly praiseworthy.

2014 Ex-Files前任 8.5/10

I really liked this movie! Han Geng gives a great performance in it and the story is very fun and addictive to watch. There are a lot of funny scenes and the main leads are all gorgeous people. Highly recommend.

2014 Fleet of Time 匆匆那年 7.5/10

A highly well received movie by the public. I didn’t enjoy it myself because I was expecting too much and did not like the story line. However, it has good visual, nice casting, excellent OST, and the story itself has a strong fanbase.

2014 Love on the Cloud 微愛之漸入佳境 4/10

Bad movie. To avoid at all cost. I watched it since it has Angelababy and Chen He and I was hooked on Run Brother when it got released. However, the story line makes Fleet of Time looks like a masterpiece and Yang Mi a Oscar worthy actress. So bad.

2014 Temporary Family 失戀急讓 7.5/10

Very cute and funny movie. It is about the struggle of four individuals and their struggles in the big city, all at different state of their life. I watched the movie out of boredom but I eventually became very interested in the plot. Family friendly movie.

2015 20 Once Again 重返20岁 7/10

Such a simple story line. If it was not for Luhan, I would not have watched it at all. Perfect story line, setting and casting but it is just not age appropriate for me.

2015 You’re My Sunshine 何以笙箫默 8/10

Messy story line that for some unknown reason, got me completely hooked to the screen. The movie tried to prove too much with too little screening time and it really shows. However, I liked Huang Xiaoming’s acting a lot and it was a true eye candy movie.

2015 The Queens 我是女王 6/10

The movie is extremely pretty and is full of eye candy. However, I am giving it a 6/10 since I really hate the message of the movie: “women needs men to be happy”. All three main characters have terrible character development (except perhaps Annie) and the movie represent women as “empty vases”, even the beautiful cast and set did not win me over.

2015 Forever Young 栀子花开 7/10 6.5/10

This movie was beautifully shot, but there are just too many plot holes. I hate how little importance the movie gave to *spoiler* the death of the three girls aka best friends. They die and I understand car accident happens in real life. But, why don’t we see more sad scenes from the parents, the teachers, the other students? It is quiet a big deal, but everyone is already moving up to the next thing coming up: the talent show. Also, since the name of the movie is Forever Young, how come people die and get bad endings? Even the main OTP. The girl has to give up on her lifetime dream to study ballet in France and the guy was not even able to sign with a label, even with such a great voice. It is one hell of a sinister future. Maybe forever young means let’s stay young and forget about any future prospects.. Finally, the movie in itself needed really small acting skills, so I will not judge the performance of the actors at all.

2015 Brides War 新娘大作战 8/10 7.5/10

I personnally loved this movie very very much although it may be because of how much I love the actors: Chen Xiao, Angelababy, Nini, Zhu Yawen. Really, in this movie, it is the time for the girls to shine. As a fan of Chen Xiao, I am happy to see him in this one, but this is not the type of work that would make me fall in love with him. Angelababy played a cute and lively character, but for me, it was Nini’s Mali that got me like crazy. She is gorgeous and she can act! And those two female leads are so beautiful on camera it is crazy. In any scenes, they can shine. *_*The movie in general is predictable, but definitely a great watch. It is so funny and full of actions. Definitely worth it. I was smiling the whole time. However, I deducted a few points because the plot is.. really not that amazing… ps; Bonus: there is Huang Xiaoming, Jing Boran, He Jiong as cameos!

2015 Go Away, Mr. Tumor 滚蛋吧!肿瘤君 9/10

Excellent movie with a very moving ending and an adorable main character! Bai Baihe definitely nailed the character to perfection and this made me a fan of hers. Unlike many female protagonist of Chinese movies, Xiong Dun is happy go lucky, witty, funny, but also a very sensitive woman, afraid of what future has prepared for her. It is a very lighthearted movie that talks about a very serious topic: cancer! It is nice to see how her friends and family are there for her and how she is able to accept death at only 30 year old. This movie has a similar to Le Fabuleux Aventure d’Amelie Poulin… a very special movie!

2015 Monster Hunt 捉妖记 9/10

Super cute movie! It is a great to watch with kids and you will go awwn whenever the baby monster appears. The movie is set in a fantasy world filled with Chinese martial art experts and monsters in disguise, it is fun to watch. However, it is obviously catered to a young audience.

2015 The Third Way to Love 第三種愛情 7.5/10

Very interesting story and beautiful setting. This movie made me sad and it is beautiful. However, not much is happening until the end of the movie and it is very sad. The supporting characters feel very useless and the movie wasn’t memorable.

2015 The Witness 我是证人 7/10

When I started watching this movie, I was like: this is so exciting! OMG, I am so stressed for Yang Mi’s character… I can’t wait to discover the truth. Then, I continued watching and the same setting is kept for more than half of the movie. I suggest this movie as a mild horror movie for people who get scared very easily.

2015 Go Lala Go 杜拉拉追婚记 2015 6/10

If you are a fan of the original story, I suggest you stay away from this movie. In order to portray the hardship of a woman in her thirties, the movie added a lot of challenges in Lala’s life that destroys our image of Lala or Wang Wei. Both are no longer career driven… which was disappointing to see. Otherwise, the movie is very average.

2015 Mr. Six 老炮儿 10/10

I really loved this movie (one of the few on this list I watched at the cinema!). I am not from the countryside nor in my fifties… yet this movie speaks to me. Indeed, I can’t always keep up with the changes of time, from one generation to the next and this movie portrays it beautifully. Both Li Yifeng and Kris Wu acted remarkably for idol actors. The characters are pretty badass and I love how beautiful yet sad the story is. Add in some Chinese reflections and Mr. Six is golden in my book.

2015 Ex-Files 前任 2 6.5/10

It is okay. Not the most annoying movie I saw, not the best either.  The story is kinda… stupid? What do you mean by “The first to love lose?” There are some funny jokes, but a lot of them didn’t bring me laughter. However, it is a light hearted movie and it is entertaining.

2015 Fall in Love like a Star 怦然星动 5/10

The whole movie is Yang Mi and Li Yifeng falling in love with each other, getting close together, separated, then together again. You should watch if you ship them together. However, there is almost no story and no tasteful scene.

2015 Devil and Angel 恶棍天使 6/10

As the rumours say, it is pretty bad. Despite loving Deng Chao and Sun Li, I thought many scenes were painful to watch and cringeworthy. There are a few good scenes in the middle and I had a couple of laugh, but I am biased.They definitely tried something new for this movie and it didn’t go well. Overall, I don’t recommend it.

2015 Our Times 我的少女時代 9/10

Our Times is one of the best high school movie I watched: the actors look their age, the silliness and friendship seem real, so many hilarious moments, and great chemistry between the OTP. There is something sweet and intimate with this movie that a lot of its colleagues fail to reproduce. It didn’t have that woah effect for me, but I really loved it.

2016 Mermaid 美人鱼 9/10

I had so much expectation for this movie considering its box office success and great review. In December, one person out of two I know went to watch it. And as a fan of Stephen Chow, I was so eager to get my hands on it. The movie was really good, but it was not outstanding. I think what sold this movie to the general public was its comic and easy going storyline, its silly yet funny situations. However, I didn’t think the plot was particularly strong.

2016 Chongqing Hotpot 火锅英雄 10/10

Best movie I saw in 2016! I may be biased since I love this kind of silly nonsense movie, but it was so fun to watch! It tells the story of three men in their twenties, up to their neck in debt. They are not bad guys, but they are given an opportunity to sin… It is a fast paced hilarious movie about gangsters, opportunists, and normal Chongqing workers. The acting of Chen Kun, Bai Baihe and Qin Hao is superb and the action scenes made me addicted. Highly recommend!

2016 Never Gone原来你还在这里 8/10

The movie is pretty good, but it wasn’t outstanding or particularly interesting. The acting of Kris Wu and Liu Yifei were both good. For a movie about happy puppy love among two crazily beautiful people, it has way too much angst. However, it is a good movie and I recommend if you want a typical movie to watch.

2016 The Rise of a Tomboy 女汉子完美恋人 2016 6.5/10

A cute movie you should watch if you are a fan of Zhao Liying, since she is very cute in it. However, the mathematical side of the movie (she studies math at the graduate level) makes no sense and the story isn’t that interesting. The whole movie is Zhang Han and Zhao Liying acting silly and fooling around… only to discover love is not a formula.

2016 Love O2O 微微一笑很倾城 2016


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