Kris Wu Yifan

Chinese name: 吴亦凡

Works and coworkers:

  • 2016 爵迹 with Fan Bingbing, Yang Mi, William Chan, Amber Kuo, Chen Xuedong, Yan Kuan, Aarif Lee
  • 2016 美人鱼 with Deng Chao, Show Luo,
  • 2015 老炮儿 with Feng Xiaogang, Li Yifeng
  • 2015 原来你还在这里 with Liu Yifei, Kimi Qiao
  • 2015 夏有乔木 with Hangeng,
  • 2015 有一个地方只有我们知道 with Wang Likun
  • Past member of EXO-M with Luhan, Lay, and Tao

Since Wu Yifan came to the Chinese entertainment world, he had been very active on the movie, entertainment and fashion scenes. Here is a compillation of his recent photoshots in China.

Additional photoshoots:

Photoshoot #1:

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