Tang Yan

Also known as Tiffany Tang, Tang Yan is the little Queen of Chinese drama scene. Especially in the past year, she brought in incredible ratings for her projects. She had worked multiple times with famous it actors such as Roy Qiu, Wallace Huo, Hu Ge, Li Yifeng and Hawick Lau. She is both active in modern and period dramas. Although I don’t personally watch her projects that much, especially her modern ones, I have to agree she has a gorgeous face ‘perfect for acting’. She is notorious for being the best friend of Yang Mi. Here is a gallery of her most gorgeous outfits in ancient dramas:

Gallery from Wuxia Edge for Xuan Yuan Sword, Perfect Couple, and Chinese Paladin 3:

Here is also a wedding photoshot of her. I wonder who her beau is right now? Luo Jin maybe? ^^

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5 thoughts on “Tang Yan

  1. natalie says:

    one of my favourite (Well top 1!) actresses in C-Dramas because her acting is good and her personality is adorable/cute! Well mainly her chemistry with Wallace Huo (From CP3 and PC).


    • archidisign says:

      xD She gives me more of a cute feeling than sexy one so far. I never noticed Tang Yan played Chu Chu in the second movie of Storm Warriors before :O


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