[Recap] Cuo Dian Yuan Yang OTP scenes Ep.4


Since there are a lot more of our couple’s scenes in this episode, this post will only recap episode 4. Get your dose of sweet for the day! ❤ A part of me is really happy to immortilize these moments in recaps and another part of me feels like whatever I do, nothing can beat the mood the drama is giving out to the viewer (the lighting, the backsound sounds, etc all make this drama so much more enjoyable). So, if you have the time, go watch it 😉 Continue reading

[Recap] Cuo Dian Yuan Yang OTP Scenes Episodes 1, 2, 3


I must be extremely picky because although there are so many airing dramas right now, nothing really interests me much. Hence, I decided to go back to some of my old favorite drama scenes from … Cuo Dian Yuan Yang! This drama from 2012 starred Zhao Liying and Qi Ji. It is the drama that made me fall in love with Zhao Liying’s acting and basically, brought me to start this blog. It is truly a germ in the dramaland and I am pleased to write recaps for it now. The story has a bit of plotting and also focus on other characters. However, for this series of recap, I want to focus solely on the main couple, their best interactions together or apart. I wrote a review for this drama before and you can read it here. I am not sure whether I will catch ALL the OTP scenes episode by episode or skip through and cover only my favorite ones. We will see… Continue reading

[Recap][End] Run Brother 3 Ep. 9-12 + More!

6ff51fefjw1ezbp9r1itcj20qe0hkjwoMore Run Brother recaps for fun :)) Finally, we get the episode with Yang Mi! I did 4 episodes at once again because I felt lazy :”D… go to the end of the article for some Luhan+Kris reunion information ^^! Happy week-end everyone!
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[Ep 35 Final fast recap+discussion(?)][Spoilers!!]Go Princess Go


Ok, this is a new try. If nobody watched this web drama, than this discussion corner will only have me. LOL. Hope it wouldn’t be the case though. Anyway, today on January 15th 2016 was released the final episode of the veryyy popular web drama Go Princess Go 太子妃升職記 with its 35th episode. If you didn’t check it and want to do so, MapleStage has links for it here. Initially I wanted to write recaps for this drama, but then forgot to do so because classed started… 😥 Continue reading

[Recap] Sun Li and Deng Chao Couple on Happy Camp


Haha. It seems like we only do recap of Happy Camp when our ship goes on it! 😛 If Huang Xiaoming+Angelababy are the Kim+Kanye of China, I would say that Sun Li+Deng Chao are the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt of China. They are both known as great actors with great personalities. Hope you will enjoy this episode as much as we did 🙂 They came on the show to promote their movie Devil and Angel, which was released on 12/18/2015. Haha, they also appeared on the RunBro episode this week! Continue reading

[Recap] Run Brother 3 Ep. 4-7


Such a long time since I haven’t release a new Run Brother recap! I swear I am still watching the show as soon as it is released and enjoying it a lot. I loved episode 6 and 7 and Ella is officially entering my list of Favorite guests on RB (which includes Xie Yilin, Yu Quan, Bai Baihe, and Fan Bingbing). Next week (episode 8), Sun Li will finally make an appearance! Hehe, I am so excited… Continue reading

[Variety Recap] Run Brother 3, Run For Time, Happy Camp with Victoria


Hehe, variety shows are back to the spotlight and I thought for this week only, instead of doing a recap for Run Brother, I will do one for all the popular variety shows of the week (especially since I love all the guests ^^)~~ Continue reading

[Recap] Run Brother 3 with Chen Qiao En, Amber Kuo, Song Jia, Ma Su, and Zhang Huiwen


This week present our lovely cast members as hardworking and loving people whose ultimate dream is to watch the flag rise at Tian An Men! In group of two (couple missions!), they must complete a series of games, including a name tag duel off, to determine which couple will have this honor! (short recap)

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[Recap] Run Brother 3 Starts with Luhan Ep.1!


Excited to welcome back the most popular variety show at the moment in China on the small screen? I for one was super happy to watch it in the comfort of my bed today. The games were very pleasant but unlike season 2, the season 3 decided to start slowly and with less panache.  For this episode, a series of challenges in order for the magical red lotus to blossom! Continue reading