[Announcement] We are Moving! :(

Hey lovely people! >< We don’t have any storage left on the blog (I was writing my Ode of Joy review the other night night and I couldn’t upload my gifs and pictures snif). The blog is no longer doing Wordads and premium account is expensive. We decided to create a second wordpress page and we will post all the new articles on it. If you have any suggestions, please comment below ^^!!~ Here is the new link (already three articles up!!):


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[First Impressions+Storyline Recap] Ode to Joy Ep. 1-17


Hehe, I finally found the time to finish this article! >< And I have finally been able to keep myself up to date with this drama, fiof! It is currently competing head to head with Chinese Hero starring Yoona and Lin Gengxin. On the same floor lives five girls with completely different personalities, which one do you prefer?

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[Red Carpet] 6th Beijing International Film Festival


Including the pictures from the previous entertainment update 🙂 Enjoy the pretty ladies 🙂 This is not the most popular red carpet of the year, but the guests make up for it!

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Entertainment Update: Hot Girl, Finding Mr. Right, Summer Desire


Who missed Ma Ke? The recent entertainment update are not that meat-y, probably there are so many awesome projects released that all promotion teams in the entertainment world thought there is no need to tease us. *nod head. must be it* With the release of Journey of Flower in summer 2015, do you think this year will top the previous one?

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