[Review] Run Brother Through the Seasons


Many data and information about Run Brother from season 1 to season 2! Zhejiang TV recently released a chart of Run Brother performance during 2014-2015 and I thought it would be interesting to translate it for the blog 🙂

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[Variety] 王牌对王牌 Joker VS Joker with Run Brother and Challenger Alliance


Boom, boom… CLASH! Ready for some Challenger Alliance and Run Brother interaction? If you watched the episode, I would love to hear your comment!

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2015 Intellectualkitten’s Picks


So happy to be at this time of the year again, where you look back at everything that happened during the year and feel accomplished. Here is my favorite entertainers and events of 2015! ^^ Unlike Archidisign… mine is a lot shorter 😛 Continue reading

2015 Cdramadevotee Awards by Archidisign

Yes. It is a thing. Believe it or not, I think 2015 was the biggest year for Chinese Drama world. The quality and the ratings went up and more people are starting to pay attention to these beautiful productions. For example, Viki’s dramas list now includes Chinese dramas, which are being done faster than ever. I did not watch everything that came out, so it is understandable if my “contestants” may not be the only valid contestants to the title out there xD I may be biased in my opinion, but this is not an official award, so please bare with me! Note: I only nominated contestants worthy of the titles. Continue reading

[Drama] Nirvana in Fire First Impressions


Hey people! I really wanted to recommend to you guys a drama that you probably didn’t hear a lot about. It is a true hidden germ and I am so excited to tell you guys about it! Haha, joke. I am probably the last one to watch it. Since so many readers recommended it and it got so much positive attention in the Cdramaland, I really wanted to try it out. Now that I am on my winter break, I can take the time to enjoy these goody episodes.  So here is my first impression, based on about ten episodes. SPOILERS ahead! Continue reading

[Review] Love Me if You Dare Ep. 1-12


I am busy for school these days (still one month to go!) and did not watch as many dramas as I would like. Still, I try to keep some time every week to watch Run Brother 3, Happy Camp… and Love Me if You Dare! These TV shows definitely made each new week a little bit more bearable. I recently realized we have not been talking about a recent drama for a long time so here is my first impression for Love Me if You Dare 🙂 BTW: There is a renewal of this drama for a second season!! Continue reading